A suggestion to Ludia about Battle Arenas


It’s so impossible to get out of Badlands when your fighting impossibe bots. It’s like you win a couple of times, then go back to losing. And when you lose, why does it have to take 32 trophies?? That is completely unfair. Losing 27 or 28 is fine but why the heck lose over 30? So i please reccomend to Ludia please dial it down with the bots and at least try to make them accurate depending on the arena? Thank you.


Or better yet, introduce downvotes on these forums for threads like these.


Sigh… While incubators do provide you with DNA, you cannot control the type of DNA that you receive from them. Frequently, for the 3-hr and 15-min incubators, the DNA is strictly for Commons and Rares–often for creatures that don’t have hybrids. Furthermore, unless you’re buying a ton of incubators, you’ll have a hard time getting the DNA you need for the creatures and hybrid components you need to do well in the “late-game” arena. It would probably take you ages to unlock T-Rex with this method, and probably several months to level V-Raptor and T-Rex up to level 15 to start trying fuse for Indominus Rex. Not to mention the fact that you can only hold a limited number of incubators, and speeding them up is an expensive waste of in-game bucks.

Instead of arguing for removing the Battle Arena entirely, which won’t be happening, I recommend putting in the time to dart dinosaurs “in the wild” around your neighborhood or local park. It’s a much more effective strategy for strengthening your team, and you’ll be able to better focus on bolstering the more important members of your collection and team. It’s the whole purpose of the game, really…Best of luck!