A Suggestionto how to clean the game from hackers

In addition to your game patches updates you need to check each player of the first 500 status,team ,coins etc and ban everyone who couldn’t got to where he’s at without hacking .it’s a simple solution for you guys and you own it to those who paid you like me .I got disappointed when I saw on YouTube all these hackers just add a million coins so easy and 65 k people watched it .u need to clean and ban all these level 30 players it’s ridiculous ban them if u see in your logs that they couldn’t made their team without a reasonable reason. I hope to hear back from you about it . It’s something that 2-3 of your tech guys can check in a few hours .thanks.


Those videos are fake. They’re phishing scams designed to lure stupid people into visiting infected websites. They’re made with photoshop.

If Ludia could say spoofing is cheating and they have banned players for it. Legit players are more likely to stay.

This should probably read: A suggestion on how to clean the game from hackers -

Ban them.

Also the unlimited cash/coins do not work. They are client side. It modifies what you see, but not what Ludia knows you have. So when you try to make a purchase? Doesn’t work. You still only have 10 hard cash.


No offense but this wasn’t a very well thought out post. First of all, How do you simply look at an account and decide what is what? Whos to say “dude” has no life and hunts legit 15 hours a day and spends 200 bucks a week in the store?

Second, yes the youtube vids are fake. The posters get paid a small amount for every sucker they can get to click on the links they provide for thier “surveys”. Easy money if you think about it.

Third, they need actual detection software, and/or countermeasures like every other game out there has. Whos to say they dont already have this though, but they cant or wont risk profit vs punishment.

Money always has the loudest voice in the room.

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I could get into top 500 much quicker now if I spent a few hundred on the game and really grinded it out in arena and out hunting. The top 50, apart form potential spoofers, will be spending alot of time and money to be where they are. Some people are just addicted :smiley:

Sigh, just noticed that this post was older then Martha Stewarts diaphragm. Shame on me for bumping it :pensive:

The concept that spoofers spend more money than regular users is just wrong. It’s something spoofers like to say, and is completely inaccurate in any real world. And, just fyi, there have been regular ban waves every two weeks for the last 4 months since the announcement. It’s not on ludia to convince you that they’re doing all they can to ban cheaters. It’s not productive for them to announce every wave and let spoofers compare notes to see who did and didn’t get banned and try to adapt faster to cheat the system in some new way. They aren’t and shouldn’t seek the players approval on how well they are doing… that’d defeat the purpose. The purpose is to dissuade people from cheating. The purpose is to ban all cheaters who are still breaking the rules anyways. And every single piece of evidence shows that when you sit around talking a lot about how people are cheating in a game, you raise awareness that it could be possible for some players, and you send more people into the camp of trying to find new ways to cheat.