A supply drop which is close to my home disappear! Very disappointed


There is a supply drop close to my home But disappear last night. Is it a bug or something? Is it possible to fix it?


It was moved for your convenience :joy:


It wasn’t convenience for me now. It just take away form my range. It’s hard to continue the game if the supply drop is so far away. Is it possible to bring it back?


The supply drop isn’t supposed to be at your house, what a frivolous complaint


It’s not suppose to be close. But if it’s start at the beginning then shouldn’t move when people play for a while.

I played Pokemon go for years which didn’t have such situation. The supply is far for me but I still playing. The reason is it didn’t change and I can plan to play. If always changing then it’s not good for players.


This doesn’t make sense, the idea is if you go out you’ll run into supply drops. You can’t rely on one in particular. And so what if you got used to it. You shouldn’t feel entitled to easy supplies, go out for them.


Some Supply Drops are kinda changed/checked/rearranged every now and then. Had an Event Drop disappear two weeks ago and this time a Drop moved from someone’s house to the gas station. Better now.