A tale of a dead pyroraptor

Let me set the scene: I am level 11, got up to S S arcadia, and am trying to get the daily battle incubator. I only need one more win left. I click battle, with a sense of hope

When I start the battle, I give a friendly “Good Luck” to the opponent.

And then…this happened

All my hopes are crushed. A Unique in S. S. Arcadia? I have a level 16 trago as my bestdino, but the dinos I drew were a Level 15 pyroraptor, a level 14 brachio, a level 15 Mirigaia, and a level 14 Sinoceratops. I was stalled to death, and taunted by Entelolania’s Mohawk


the opponent never swapped, and my Pyroraptor, Sinoceratops, and Miragaia died (may they rest in peace) while the Brachiosaurus was severely wounded.
The rest of the roster mourns this tragic loss.

I hope you enjoyed the story…
I didn’t.

Broken and Sad,


Well that’s a nightmare, I also get my hopes crushed whenever I see a monolonometrodon in pvp or nitro thor, but this looks worse, I am sorry for your losses
RIP Pyroraptor, Sino, and miragia

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I have a story!

I press the green battle button…

I patiently await to find a balanced opponent

I select my creature carefully. Knowing that the Dino I select will truly dictate how the match goes.


I shrug and say, “another one.”

The end :grin:

Ps: Ludia fix your matchmaking!


well you have uniques, and a thor isnt very rare

if that…thing was in Sibo…gulp

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Yikes. I remember back when I was in the Arcadia arena soon after game launch and my best dinos were Stygi L11 and Rex L12. Maybe lower level players have it worse than we do up in Aviary/Library.

Going against uniques in an early game arena is a total brick wall for those players and is not acceptable.


If you’re in a good alliance and hit 500 000 in monthly tourney pretty sure everyone in alliance would get enough dna for a unique.

There is a reason for this, you’re simply too low in the arena. Because you have a legendary the matchmaking of the game pairs you up with the things closet to your levels, most of the time it’s people worse than you that you can easily beat, or balanced matches that are actually fun. This time it worked for your disadvantage and paired you with the team closet in trophies and power level to you. I have an alt in Arcadia(all the arenas actually) whose top creatures are level 11-13 epics and I face creatures with that ferocity. The only way to stop things like this from happening is to, ironically, move up in the arena to where more players are as strong as you so that you don’t get random insane matches

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and how do i do that when there is a LEVEL 21 UNIQUE!!!

Correction: A really bad legendary at level 16. This was 5 levels and 1 rarity up from me

makes sense…

noooooooooo nonono. NO way a team with at least one unique (there could have been more) is at thesame power level as level 16 legendarys (not the OP ones, but the horrible one) and 15-14 epics

Makes me want my suggestion of level and boost locked PvP arenas even more! (Ex have Aviary cap levels at 25 and boosts at 5-10 boost levels per stat). That way at the very least that unique would be in line with the levels of your creature. You’d be able to unlock and use new things whenever you want without worrying about one wildly overleveled and boosted dino running through your team.

I was devastated when I saw a level 26 Thor, 25 Indo in direct mid aviary. I killed the Thor easily, but I went for maiming would and the Indo went for cleanse. I didn’t see that coming

Aviary is really nasty because you have awful battlers, droppers, and weird whale teams mixing with other people scraping by as they try to progress. Would be nice to see that arena be the final level locked arena before the “endgame” arenas like Library/Depot/Shores.

That match was an outlier, every match isn’t going to be like that.

A bad legendary is still counter as a legendary, being bad doesn’t make it not a legendary

Team power is based on all your creatures, they obviously had a couple level one commons to lower their total power. And I said “closest” I didn’t say exact, they were the only player playing with a close team power and trophy count to you. The others were either stronger than this match or way weaker than you.