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A Tale of Two Dinosaur Games... And a Hybrid

When I was a young boy, there was a game… it was called Jurassic Park Builder. Did you know, you could hatch dinosaurs… and fight with them! Soon, the Aquatic and Glacier expansions were added to the game. It was beautiful.

It was like you were the owner of Jurassic Park, and collecting creatures was so much fun. You could evolve them to make them stronger and more ferocious. You could fight in Tournaments to earn Dino Bucks, the main currency. You could even unlock creatures from Tournaments, like the elusive Shunosaurus to the mighty Rajasaurus.

I never played it for very long, only in early 2019 did I play it for a few months. After a point, there was nothing much that could be done in the game. Hence, I lost interest.

Fate took its turn, I casually opened the game in 2020 and then I saw it. Jurassic Park Builder was going away… never to return. Nothing saddened me more than this.

The day it was shut down was the day my heart broke, it was as if it had bore a hole right through my soul. While my family and friends felt it very weird that I was crying over this “silly little game”, I knew that it was more than that. It was a lot more than that. It was my childhood. And I loved it.

The only game that was similar to my beloved Park Builder was the sequel made by the same company — a particular “Jurassic World : The Game.”

I used to play this game in 2015 when it came out, but I never took it seriously and never made it past level 5 or 6, I preferred Park Builder. The creatures felt so dull and lifeless in contrast to the ones in Builder. But what choice did I have this year? Nothing I do can bring my Builder back to me… so I picked up The Game reluctantly. What I did not realise was this… Jurassic World : The Game, the one that I always looked down upon and never took seriously, would one day become my favourite game.

Of course, everyone likes to check what’s the best thing obtainable in a game. And that’s exactly what I did, but my sorting was by DNA, not Ferocity. That was when I saw it — that beautiful feathery monster.

images - 2020-10-27T224745.308

It’s elegance made me immediately enticed by it. The first few months of playing The Game was very casual and done just for the sake of timepass, rather like how it was in 2015. And then, I got my first Dominator victory in a Bracketed Tournament. This jolted me into getting more and more closer with The Game.

I came across a website, it was a Forum for discussing The Game. It was very nice, so I made an account and started interacting. I met wonderful people there, and as the days went by the Forum felt so much like Family.

With their help, I got a good set of dinosaur teams to make Dominator League in every Jurassic-Battle Tournament. I reached level 60 for Clash Of Titans and unlocked my first Tournament Creature Megalosaurus. I maxed a lot of locked creatures. What I once felt was a roll of the dice now feels like a test of skill, preparation, and of course… fun.

As I reached level 87, I unlocked Yutyrannus — this was one component of that feathery hybrid I was talking about earlier. A few weeks later, Troodon came in a Tournament and that’s when I saved up my DNA like never before, and maxed both of these.

I could not believe it. Four years… that’s what I used to feel, it would take me four years to get something so good. I’m currently in my seventh month, and here I have it in front of my eyes.

And that’s how my beloved Jurassic Park Builder’s legacy lives on in Jurassic World : The Game — I have a second chance at what I couldn’t achieve in the old game, unlock new and elusive creatures, and also experience a different version of the game I loved.


Now this is a story.


Great literature. And the best is, I am sure there will be a sequel.
Stockholm is waiting for you.


Story time by fury, love it! :+1:

Happy for you you got styxosaur unlocked I think I missed that one :confused:

Also congrats on the yudon, would be interested to see where he sits in your lineup


The fact that you have a Yudon after 7 months of playing this game and I’m at level 11 Antarctopelta 3 months in makes me feel like a complete idiot at this game :confused:


No no, don’t worry! This article was written mainly because that’s exactly what I felt when I started the game. Soon you’ll be writing a similar post and I’ll be there to read it and feel proud of you. :wink:

And thanks a lot for the feedback @Cheeseeater @Tommi @Aether_12, means a lot to me! I know that I can share my feelings about JWTG/JPB on this forum, I’m so glad you liked it :smiley:


3 months is still early days mate :facepunch:

You also progress alot quicker once you reach a higher level.

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There are no idiots in this game. Only different styles of playing. The only thing that matters is “Have fun”.


4 months later, Antarctopelta level 12


That’s the spirit :+1:


What a lovely post @Jurassic_Fury :heart: You’ve come such a long way and we’re so happy to have you as a member of our community. We’ll definitely be sharing this with the rest of the team!


Thanks @Isabelle, glad to be part of the community too! :smile:


Saw this part of your post just now :sweat_smile: here he is!

Turns out that my initial information of Yudon’s stats were it’s pre-nerf ones so it wasn’t really OP at level 1 itself, infact it was not even in the first few creatures of the lineup.

At level 3, it is stronger by a tad bit more than Indominus. The team has a new Champion :slightly_smiling_face: He will be inaugurated tomorrow in the Infinite Battle Stage.


Wow !!! he sit on top 1 of your line up


Nice :+1: will you be making a second as soon as you’ve got enough dna?


Maybe, but I’m not sure… I still need a lot more Legendaries so that’s a minor drawback. However I think I’ll be able to get a second within December :slightly_smiling_face:


@Jurassic_Fury I will fuse Yudon within next week if I have 2 lv.40 Troodon and 2 Lv.40 Yutyrannus. And I think lv.10 is not hurt my line up.

Most beautiful thing I’ve seen today :100:


Yudon its 78k Dna i think… a lot
my hybrids metria and segno also costed a lot
62k and 52k…

if you buy buy at discount.

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Looks like the start of a romance novel. Still better than Twilight