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A talk about Boosts

I hope I’m not the only one who wishes boosts were never a thing. They honestly ruined the arena and took out the fun in battles. I understand that Ludia’s original intentions were to give players something to do while they already maxed out almost their whole team. The new change that was announced for 1.15 will make things a little better, but this game will never be as fun as it was before boosts.


agreed my guys are getting destroyed by boosted teams and i’m not sure how long i can keep up this fighting unboosted tactic because of how powerful the teams i fight are. i’m in jurassic ruins and i’ve seen 153 speed thors and rexes with super boosted indo 2’s bc there components are being handed out like candy.

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Like these things!

yup and those nightmares have plagued as low as jurassic ruins because I’m starting to see tons of them.

As much as we all hate boosts they arent going anywhere any time soon


yeah and i hate that because i don’t spend any money on the game so i get massacred by people who do. and i think it’s pretty much becoming a p2w game but not fully because i’ve beat some super boosted teams in arena

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Its always been PTW. Just now with boosts.

I said this before. Boosts themselves arent a major issue. Its when players and Ludia decide to mess with them and the game mechanics that problems come.

Before we had players with lvl 30s on the top and then as lvls dropped the rank dropped. Now its similar only with boosted extent added to the lvl 30s. The top players still kick my rear whether it was 1.6 or 1.14. Nothing has changed. Maybe how fast you win/lose.

The biggest issue is Ludia selling boosts daily and often offering huge bundles monthly. So that skews the game towards the PTW side. Had Ludia not had boosts but sold daily exclusive DNA (25 Epic DNA for 500 HC) then monthly sold Diplod DNA for 150 USD for 2000 DNA, things would be equally skewed just with different dinos and less diversity. And more anger since Ludia would be rebalancing more harshly.

2nd biggest issue is how Ludia structured the last arena and the whole seasonal thing. Nublar Shores is the most beautiful arena in my biased opinion. Also the least enjoyable. 2 min timer, top players and lots of time spent trying to get incubators. When 2.0 dropped, Nublar was fun. Not just because teams were more.diverse but also because you could spend your time battling whether players or AI within 30 seconds instead of waiting for 1 min to meet a maxxed boosted team that somehow gets matched to you 3 times in a row. So less time stewing on the previous losses and more time spent battling and honing skills. With a 2 min timer, players really spend their wait time stewing in anger over a loss on top of the usual RNG unfairness and odd matchmaking. So players are enjoying the game less and quit or worse avoid Nublar and drop. Ludia adds to this problem by resetting every top 1000 player down to Library. So now you have droppers, the top 50 and FTP grinders within 100 trophies of each other. So a vicious cycle begins. Gyro Depot down to Lib, Libr to Aviary, Aviary to Manor. When the dust settles, its 2 to 3 weeks into the season and next week the top 1000 come back to Lib.

Had Ludia not sold boosts daily since Dec and not made Nublar a pariah state, arena wouldnt be as bad. Less players would stay in Gyro Depot if they could move to Nublar since Nublar gives better rewards seasonally and thus less monsters within the range of the “average” player base.

My suggestion is stagger the reset or make seasons longer. In fact both. Have 2 month seasons and have 3 reset points instead of 1 for those above 6k trophies. So 6499, 5999 and 5499. That will space out the top 1000 and reduce the accordion effect on the lower 2 arenas. Most importantly: set the Nublar timer to 1 min or 30 seconds and limit the boosts farmable from arena incs to 25 boosts per type. So that is about 25 -30 sped open arena incs. Ludia gets some HC spent, players have less reason to avoid Nublar and some players.will actually play more arena to farm more incs for more boosts. This helps alliances and the health of the game since its not the same few kicking names and taking rears.


Lol… I love when people roll out pictures like this, like those are the worst things out there. I faced an opponent yesterday who had 3 dinos on his team over 160 spd and the 4th was 158

Maybe I missed something. What changes are being made to boosts? All I have heard is that they are resetting them as they are changing a lot of dino stats. People get upset when they mess with stats after spending a ton of money on boosts, so they are resetting. If you have seen something different (from Ludia) I would love to see it.

I hate boosts (speed mostly), but do not see them doing anything about them.

Biggest issue with boost are players. Many wants cheap, fast wins, so as soon as reset is made they boost Thor to max or close. Rest of players are forced to boost its counters. This way nothing really changes.

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Exactly, it’s an easy way to get my level 21 indo to beat your level 28 one. Still, it could be controlled if Ludia wanted to. They don’t, however, because it is too lucrative. If you lose it makes most people want to buy boosts to keep up.

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The interesting thought came to me is:

What if Ludia knows it doesn’t need to change the current boost system since the new PvB (Co-op mode) requires the players to have multiple teams to combat each family. So say Mammoth Boss appears, you have to use high damage, immune and defense shattering teams to take it down. Then say Koola G2 boss needs speed control and cleansing/immune teams. There will be overlap example Ardentis, Gemini and Magna but also specialists like Thora, Tenoto and Tryko for armored tank chompers ala Lord Lythro and Dio.

Every update, Ludia will refund 100% of all your boosts. This is good for when the meta might change from an update.

Right, but your point was that

There is no change that I have heard of. They are simply resetting them to be reapplied. Nothing has actually changed and I don’t think this is a new policy. Some of the greatest are big. IG2 maybe? So it is likely a one-time deal. If not they will have angry whales who returned boosts for 50%. All conjecture of course, since we will not know until we see it.

The change is that now every update, your boosts will be reset.

Can you show me that? I saw they were doing it this time. Sorry, don’t mean to be a pest, just want to be sure. Thanks @DinosaurDude360.

It’s ok. I actually saw that your right. They never said it was for future updates, just for this one.

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If you returned boosts, you dun get them back even in this reset.

Resetting at the every patch update would be nice but that also gives Ludia itchy fingers to do.wild changes to everything to force sales of incs and other sales items.

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If there won’t be any changes how to boosts and Thor, expect nitro Thors few minutes after update goes live.

I doubt it. Overboosted Thors are a relic from times when Thor was a Tyrant, people just don’t want to lose boosts by rerolling them. Now, after a boost reset, they’ll probably overboost something better, like Indo G2, Ardmax or Lania. Number of Thors will shrink, probably