A team to learn 1.4 suggestions pls


With 1.4 launch I think it could be fun to bench Dino’s I know how to play like Stegod, Stegcera, Indom. Probably still level ready for next Tournament.

Let the experiment team find its trophy level and waste some coins discovering 1.4.

This screen is what I’m thinking. Gen2 top right obviously represents new Dino I can make ASAP. Any Dino you think I should really try?


I think the futural team style will be classified into 3: old classic, swap in, mixed


We dont know until we seee the new hibrid and meta xd


Not trying to win with a team change. I’m much better at learning by doing. Trying to learn because there are so many changes and so many things on cooldown. Need to see it on my team before I can anticipate my opponents choices.


I used tento quite often before patch 1.3. Would love to see it bounce back from its slump. It got one of the best combo in its rarity. Majungasuchus can be op too.
Spinotahsuchus key element of the team.

Stegod is still vital unless they nerf if.


What’s your trophy status by the way?


Tent has that 66% swap in stun. Plus I’ve got the DNA. Definitely possible.

current trophy 4273 I expect this will drop to Arena 7. But I won’t be swapping back Stegod when I lose. Idea is to pretend Stegod, Stegcera and Indom don’t exist. So I learn.


How are you able to field test which works the finest before the update is literally released? :thinking:


I’m not sure if Majungasuchus can stack its ferocity on the ferocity it swap in. If so, I can cease grinding Megalosuchus now


It’s thinking not testing. :grinning:


Same here, I’m hyped for the upcoming information so I can anticipate for an optimal mix of team.


So my plan is Stegod, Stegcera, Indom or indo(mix willing) are definite.

So try 8 knowing only 5 can make the cut.


I’m with you except for IRex. It has run into more troubles than it can cope with. Have you tried tragod yet?


Pyrriator might be worth a go :eyes::joy:


I have Tragod current meta it’s good. Para hard to get. I think it will suffer in new meta.


I’m happy I got loads of Sino recent event but would love to try if I get Irritator Dna


Living in local 4 makes my life easier to get it. It is fine in this meta, but is probably worth less in next update.


Would be nice if he was useable again. Looking forward to the new hybrids.

Alanqa and anky? :thinking:


Her name is Alank. But we just want to call her Alanky :grin:


Better not make us wait as long as we have had to for brachiosaurus…