A thank you to Ludia


There are so many complaints on here, figured it was long past due for a compliment.

Thank you Ludia for all the following reasons.

• Making a game that I (and I’m sure many others) truly enjoy playing.
• Giving us all strikes to earn gold and dna from and break the monotony of grinding out dna from time to time.
• Giving us featured stops with multiple attempts to not only collect dna but hone our darting skills at that particular dino
• giving us chests!!!
• making a tournament that I’m sure after some fine tuning will become quite envigorating to try and excell in
• migrating creatures (and hopefully drops) periodically for expanded collection abilities
• dampening down the hack/cheat market which levels the playing field
• listening to feedback and adopting changes that help and encourage the community
• giving us that phenomenal trophy reset incubator
• keeping balance in the field of all dino
• and for giving us that like this type of game, an overall wonderful platform to grow and play in

I myself and very happy with all the recent additions and changes. Yeah Dilorano took a hit, still useful though. Yeah spoofers still affecting leaderboard, still manageable. Yeah more attempts than some can handle, still there for as many as they can manage as opposed to none at all. I’m sure there will be many unneeded posts following this of all the personally believed short comings of the game. Just remember folks, it’s a F2P game. You don’t have to pay to play. But if you don’t pay to play, don’t complain about those who do. For what it is, I’m not seeing anything wrong with what they’ve done or the direction they are heading.

Keep up the good work Ludia! Please! I really do love this game haha!!!