A Thanks to Monolometrodon

Oh, Monolometrodon, what would I have done without you?
Before you came around, I barely darted anything, aside from creatures to improve my team directly. Ever since you came around, though, you’ve shown me a new path. I’ve been darting everything I see since your arrival, and because of that, I’m well prepared for this update.
Thank you Monolometrodon :pray:t2:


today is your special day!!! we can be in the same alliance together and share dna😁

I dunno if I’m gonna be allied with anyone.
I’ve always been the lone-wolf player, back to my PoGo days.
Haven’t really decided yet, but figure I have plenty of time.

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Still debating on whether to update him to 25 lol, all fused and ready to go but 90k eek

I have no intention of leveling past 20. I’m thankful not for Mono itself, but for what it represents. It was a major change in what possible creatures could be used for hybridization. It’s not safe to leave anything without darts in its back lol.

thats understandable

Mono is immune, correct? Maybe it has a much bigger role now in this meta to be? Haven’t seen any threads on it, but a defense shattering immune dino could be very useful.

Definitely possible. I forget what the notes said about its attack stat and move set, but it did get a speed buff. That speed alone makes it more viable than as it is now.

Its attack and speed were increased but it lost health…

So it’s still just meh.
Oh well lol.
The lesson learned remains more valuable than the creature itself.

Exactly, im pretty grateful ive forced myself to dart lythoronax and purrs gen 2 as much as i have…worse case scenario is i have some cheap exp to be earned while leveling it up.

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At L26 less than 500 HPs are lost, but gains 100 damage. I joked at first that i’m leveling him to a 30 just because of the underdog status. Now it’s a for sure thing. He is a good example of why we shouldn’t be too selective :slightly_smiling_face: