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A theory on why the sanctuary glitch is happening

Ok, I have a theory on why this is happening. The sanctuary glitch is happening to every player I know personally, and we all use low level iPhones. With Ludia upping the need for your IOS limit, I feel that players are suffering from this glitch are those who can’t update their IOS any farther and are nearing the limit, as it is with me. My question to everyone now is: IS THIS THE CASE? Let me know in this poll. Please Only participate if the glitch is happening to me, and answer how it is happening to you.

  • I have a high updated IOS and it still happens.
  • It happens to me and I have a low level IOS.
  • It happens to me but I have an android

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I don’t have what ever this glitch is exactly. I noticed when I go to retrieve my creatures after they come out, it takes 2 tries to get them. I hit the button that goes to my team and before I would get my creatures before going to my team screen. But now I go to my team screen and don’t get my creatures. So I go back to the map and hit the button again and then I will get my creatures.

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I know. It just sucks.

I just go to my roster, tap on one of my creatures, go back to the roster and that does it.

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that only works for some people

Because it’s Ludia?

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It’s likely because there was some extra line of code introduced in the latest patch.

Normally it would be along the lines of this

If Creature Position=Sanctuary and if Creature timer <0, then set Creature Position to Collection

However, there is a new line of code added in the latest patch (they occur rather frequently, pay attention to the number) that has obstructed this and most of the fail safes, resulting in this glitch