A thought about speedties

Been a while since we’ve protested against this incredibly unfair system, so here it goes… Like many other players, I’ve constantly complained about speedties, and sometimes I mention here that I ALWAYS lose them, so that’s why I don’t do better on skill tournaments… Well, that’s only half truth. In reality I do win speedties… I win some when I enter the tournament late and have to climb to top500/top250, where I usually end up… But once I get there, it’s a 90% chance I’ll lose the ties. And when I win, it’s probably because the opponent got distracted for a moment or didn’t know which move to choose. And back in the day, when I used to compete for top100/top50, forget it! My losing rate went up to 99% (one of the reasons why I have no patience to compete up there anymore). But even with that, somehow I’ve managed to finish close to top10 more than once… I’m sure I could have ended in there a few times if it weren’t for speedties, and I can only imagine how many skilled players also never stood a chance for having a device worse than mine.

I’m saying all this because the pattern just happened again… I won a few ties on my way up, but now I’m top250, so I lose all of them… Awesome… But anyways, nothing new here. No idea of a solution being given (I believe we’ve had plenty of those in the many topics out there), but it’s important to remind once again how much this system affects the tournaments, clearly favoring some players… The fact that the more I go up more speedties I lose highlights that…It’s just sad.


So my assumption is that the players with providers like Metronet with 100GB+ fiber optic connections are the ones making it to the top. Once you get up so far, your playing against players with these literally light speed connections and is almost impossible to win speed ties unless they aren’t sure what move to make or distracted. That makes sense.

I subscribe to a fast fiber plan but I lose 100% of speedties regardless of how quickly I react. Suspect it’s because I’m based in Asia.

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This is absurd… I’m literally stuck on a medal range because of speedties… And since this game is nowhere near well-balanced, everyone uses the same freaking things… Most of the ties happen with Compy and Snake, and there’s no escape from it! That’s another thing I’ve mentioned a long time ago… Since they’ve introduced No Escape, the speedties became even MORE decisive. And with On Escape abilities, it got even worse… And nothing is done about it. It’s freaking ridiculous…


I feel like when it comes to speedties, creatures should just alternate going first. So if you win a speedtie on the first you lose the speedtie on the second turn and so on

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Speedties+RNG when both of you swap to Whino is the worst

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And another thing that makes it INFURIATING… Sometimes, when I’m pressing the button fast, like an idiot, the button glitches and I have to quickly restart the game, which usually results in a creature gone, if not the whole match…

Three losses in a row losing speedtie with snake… Need I say more?.. And this is nothing out of the ordinary, because it’s normal for people (including myself) to leave snake for last… So after 5 minutes battling, a speedtie with snakes decides everything. This happens over and over again…

Think about on speed ties where both creatures attack at the same time, sometimes both killing each other, sometimes for the win and others would cause a draw where both players get the takedowns but no incubator. Maybe this would be a way to solve the problem? Or would it just be another source of frustration and complaints that the speed ties make it harder to fill the incubator slots because of draws?


That isn’t really good either.
For example, one of my strategies rely upon loosing speed ties when I am stuck in a purrolyth vs purrolyth.

Do you have any good solutions for speed ties?
Because while speed ties are unfair, I haven’t seen anyone bring up a good solution too make it more fair.

I like this idea

I lose every speed tie for the most part. I have an older phone, slow internet, LTE data, and am on the west coast. However, I am usually able to make the top 200-300 despite this, which is pretty good when your speed tie loss rate is about 99.99% (I think I won ONE the entire 12 hours I played last weekend). Is it frustrating, yes, especially when the opponent realizes you are slower and they take full advantage of that (easy to figure out with compy vs compy). It’s gotten to the point where I have to swap out if I am going to have to work through a speed tie because my loss rate is nearly 100% no matter what. However - I cannot blame my losses entirely on speed tie issues alone. Someone who is an extremely good skills player says he knows how to win without relying on speed ties. I personally am not smart enough, knowledgeable enough, or skilled enough to figure out how to make that work, nor do I see how it’s possible to advance when you lose speed ties 100%, but apparently there are ways. However, I would agree that there should be some better way around this issue other than speed ties. dunno what that would be, but it would be nice.

That’s actually not the case - I know people in the top 100 with slow internet.

Yeah there isn’t really a good way to solve speedties, but this one if rather fair, since people have to think about when to speedtie instead of haha they have bad internet let me just send boa on their boa