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A Thought About Swap In Abilities


To start I’m just gonna ignore swap in strikes/rampages/invincibility as those are plenty (if not too) useful right now.

There’s something bugging me about swap in abilities and that’s besides the strikes/rampages/invincibility the other abilities tend to be somewhat not worth the time. Swapping out a dino gives a free round to the opponent which is a hefty disadvantage to overcome. In my middle rank experience unless I’m sure beyond any doubt the dino will survive the swap I tend to sacrifice the current dino and take the normal round. Swap in abilities sweeten the deal by not letting me take a free shot and do SOMETHING. However currently only the strikes/rampages/invincibility swap ins seem to be worth a damn. The rest are rather underwhelming in my book.

So my suggestion is a simple change to somewhat sweeten the deal on the less than stellar abilities by bringing them more in line with the active abilities by adding some damage to them. Keep in mind many swap in abilities are watered down active abilities and as such I highly suggest that they be no more then 0.5x damage at highest for the less useful/easily countered abilities. More useful swap in’s like swap in stun which can deny a round should in my opinion be no more than 0.25x damage.

For example Lethal Strike does 1x damage and 0.33x max HP per round for 3 rounds. The swap in Wound however does no damage at all and only 0.25x for 2 rounds. Now consider that bleed effects are countered by immune creatures, cleanses, and simple dino swaps. Many times when I tried it out the other player would simply swap out to a new dino after devastating the swap in as they tend to be low hp pteros. It would certainly be more useful and worth considering more if I was guaranteed 0.5x damage on the initial effect. Also this would bring it in line with the active ability which itself does initial damage.

Ideally I think in my experience that the following values would be ok for such abilities:

Stun/Shield/Nullification/Damage Boost - 0.25x Damage
Slow/Bleed - 0.5x Damage

I realize that the current rampage swap in rampage is more than annoying. However I do feel that giving minor damage boosts to the other skills will allow for a more diverse strategy. The current risk/reward for the other abilities are just plain lopsided outside of niche situations or just pure luck. And truthfully I would like to see existing dinos get swap in abilities at all ranges. Also I would like to see crocodiles in particular get a swap in lock down strike as I feel that is a missing ability that could be quite useful.

I’d like more dynamic fights and to see more dinos be worth using in the end.


I think the main problem with other types of SIA is that they’re not in more useful dinos (legendaries and uniques)… A swap in distraction or slow could be pretty good for them.


I’m happy with no damage skills but make stun 100 and distract 90 . That would offset the damage taken and make up for the small health pool. But LUDIA has this idea of swap that is as out of touch with reality as and archetect…

Yes we will make the whole building out of 3 form.

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Really a lot of those give u a free turn after the fact so they don’t need a buff really. In my opinion the main one that does is swap in nullification, which is really only useful to destroy a cloak but then u will take a huge chunk of damage anyways from even a non-cloaked attack. Swap in slow gives u a free turn next turn, swap in distract gives u half a free turn, swap in wound gives u 50% damage, swap in stun gives a free swap, swap in shield adds up to swap in invincibility since 2 turns of shield = 1 turn of invincibility, swap in ferocity increases damage for the next couple turns. Really just swap in nullify needs a boost.