A tip for new players (TL/DR: If you live in Local 3 - delete the game)

When you download the game, go to your home. Open the game.

If you see a diplocaulus, delete the game as soon as possible and never open it again.

You were picked by Ludia to participate in a cruel psychological experiment. You will ALWAYS have worthless spawns. No matter how much you bring it to their attention they will NEVER let anything useful spawn in your area. Every update you will hope for an improvement, this hope will be your light in the dark, but the improvement will NEVER come.

They’re collecting data on how long people will squirm before ripping off the band-aid. Get out before you’re too addicted and forced to endure the never-ending suffering.


Too late. Been in zone 3 since launch. So painful.


Wrong! We have Mono! Nevermind…Monomimus was nerfed and I wasted all my DNA on it and not monostego. Carry on sir.

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Maybe I missed something but why is zone 3 not good?

Allosaurus for Allosinosaurus and a new uniqe Thoradolosaur
Erlikosaurus for Erlidominus
Monolophosaurus for Monostegotops
Spinotahraptor for Spinotasuchus

I think Zone 3 is great?


I like all the zones equally. Each zone has their pros and cons. I wish I lived closer to a L3 for some of the epics that spawn there like Monolophrosaurus for Monostego and Erlikosaurus for Elidominus.


You missed that allo makes no influence whatsoever on fusing Thorad, sino does. Erlik is a day-only myth. Mono, unlike its every other zone’s counterparts, doesn’t have a unique hybrid and spinotahraptor is much more easily farmed via spinosaurus in zone 4.

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In this case, dont you think zone 1 is the same?

Dilophosaurus makes no influence whatsoever on fusing Diloracheirus, Ouranosaurus does. Kentrosaurus is a day-only myth. Postimetrodon, unlike its every other zone’s counterparts, doesn’t have a unique hybrid and Concavenator is trash at the moment.

Dont get too frustrated! I think each zone people think the same!

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I live and work in local 3 and am top 50 player


No excuse. Go other places. Pretty easy. Its not meant to sit and play from home


Or you could overlevel diplo… i just played against a level 20 and im considering leveling him… 127 speed means hes faster then alot of things… everyone complaining about utahsino… i can attest diplotator wrecks him…

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Im top 50 and work/live in L3

My reply got flagged, so you’ll see it later.

You “only” forgot the most desired epic in the game sino, which is the sole epic ingredient for possibly 2 best uniques there are.

Really? I’ve never thought of that myself, what would I do without you?!

At work I also have local 3 and the whole city center, which is the only place I can hunt easily, is also local 3.

Thats what im here for. Now u can get up go out put in effort. And wont have to delete the game because u live in a bad zone. Win win :+1:t3:

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Im well aware L3 is bad i live and work in it. However i dont make excuses for myself. I try to work around it, albeit maybe harder than those in good local zones

Hard work and grinding pays off regardless where u live is the moral of the story :joy:

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Speaking of which. May go out for a session for draco tn :thinking::sweat_smile:

Not sure what you saw as an excuse on my part…and excuse for what exactly?

It’s just past the point when it could have been accidentally made the worst zone They’re obviously keeping it like that on purpose, which is what the thread is about.

Judging from your team, you at the very least have areas available for hunting in other zones. Or have spent generously on epic scents.

I mean telling people to quit the game because zone 3 is where they live is the excuse lol u dont quit because u live in a bad zone. U say “it is what it is” and work around it. Drive around. Map ur city out. Know where each zone is around you. Etc.

Idk i just come from a background of pogo and am 40x6 so grinding to me is a different level than mosy maybe

I think thats half the battle personally. Knowing where all ur zones are so u can go to a spot knowing whats there to focus on. Instead of blindly looking around