A tip for new players (TL/DR: If you live in Local 3 - delete the game)

Like i know exactly where to go tonight to catch draco. I dont have to “hunt” persay.

I have mapped my city out.

I have 2 short strips of local 1, each about a 3-min drive long. That’s it.

One shouldn’t quit because they live in a bad zone. One should quit if the game dev picked them out and is purposefully screwing them.

Idk man. drive farther away? I have to go almost 8 miles for my closest zone 4

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Your team reaks of £ though, not saying that in a bad way just saying haha I think this post refers to people who don’t spend alot of or even any money on the game and live in zone 3

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I live in 3, but hunt in town (4 km away) in 1, 2 and 4. But I’m used to that from Pogo… no spawns or stops at all any closer than that (still, I made it to 40).

But I agree with op… it sure would be nice if the zones rotated with each update.

I quit after the last tournament. Due to 1.) one local 3 is all I pretty much have for miles. 2.) this is pretty much a gas hog game now days. Take tons of driving to even attempt to find anything out of they typical local 3 realm.

Came back to check this latest update. I see that I made the correct choice by the recent spawn changes (or lack there of in local 3)

Stack up that tri gen 2, diplo gen 2 and allo. Because we all know that local 3 is where to get them for the life of this game!

Good point. My stegod is fully fused to 30 and I have enough DNA to level trago to 28, which shows I actually grind more than him, but he gets epic DNA from $$$/scents.

I usually was salty from being l3 since release, but in this patch after elridominus and monostegotops buf i only hope they dont swap my l3 zone xd, i can buy epic scents if i want a fast epics of other zones.

I dunno how you guys get erlidom. My indoraptor is 29.5, but I don’t have enough erliks to fuse it.

Living and working in l3 since 1.3, my work is near a public transport, elrikosaurus seem to spawn often there, never saw a elrikosaurus in my house who is local3 too but no near public transports. And i had bad luck whit elridominus fusions, almost 80% of times was 10 lol

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No, you don’t understand.

Ludia totally could do dino spawn migration, and we ask for local group switch for several months.
They seem rather like to do some little change, instead of let us able to try different hybrid ingredients.

Someone doesn’t even care, because they live in better area, or they are convenient to find other local group.
So they can criticize our complain, without any understanding of our situation.:thinking:


every zone is great if LUDIA do not keep good creatures(rare and epic) on hold…

Yeah, no.

If I could trade my 6k mono for 6k sino/ourano/anky, I’d agree.

anky is the most precious, than ourano, sino and mono is almost the same.

Well said @Myp. Erlik only just got useful and I’ve only seen about a dozen since June. Allo only just got that unique and only came to L3 after everyone already maxed it out. I haven’t darted a single one since it migrated there and mine is level 20 with 20k more DNA. Seeing that I’m in L3, I have not even unlocked Allosino yet and I’m lvl 17. So, no unique for me. I would literally take any other local. Sino, Kentro, Ourano, Anky, Raja, Gorgo…all the Epics YOU want are not in L3. If you want it for Erlik, I can give that to you now, but try living and working in it since June.

I’m glad you mentioned it…and yes, for those of us cursed to live and work there, it is a must that you grind harder than everyone else. Great team!

@Justin_Larson We do not all have access to cars to drive around. Some places, e.g. lots of USA might be very car centric, I live in UK and though lts of people drive, many still do not use cars - fuel is v. expensive in UK so cars a real luxury for many. Whn you are playing on foot and L3 zone is huge then going to different zones is not easy.
I like GPS games (played Ingress & PoGo) - like them as way to encourage walking exercise, do not want them to encourage unhealthy car use.
… I have access to the family car, but do not use it for gaming, it is only used for essential journeys

Not to seem stupid but what are locals, zones and how do I know witch one I’m in?

There’s an article about spawns on metahub.info

I’m not on a PC so can’t post a link at the moment.

It’s Almost like the game knows I wanted to quit. L3 area walk, saw a useless Echo. Better than the green walking dildo so decided to walk. Disappeared when I came close of course, that’s the moment I’ve had enough of this.

But, not for long. Got a epic scent from the trike event a few moments later to hold on to a little while longer :’)