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A tip for the secret missions ( if you want or need help)

The new missions of jurassic world alive are sometimes hard with the secret missions… but if you ask to the community of the app on the forum ( like me with the mission perfect 10 and steady hands) and you got the Guide about those missions and you see a sectet mission with a black bar and you wanna know what that is ( if you dont wanna find that self out…) click just on the black bar and you can see… ( i just find that out like ~10 minutes ago…) and you can also find more info about the missions… i hope this helps for you!? :slight_smile:

I found the guide by someone who send it to me: Qiew.

This is the link of the achievements and all of it


Also i got this by user of the app: Qiew.

Qiew, also thank you very much for your help and this useful guide. I really like it and thank you. I hope you have no problem with i sent the guide and tip for another players of the game j.w. alive on this topic of the ludia forums…

I just wanna help anyone with this tip so they can complete the hard secret missions… ( if y
They want help of course and dont wanna do it by themselves and they want or need help…)

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Just tell me please if this works or not…