A tool for creating Raid Moveset Infographic

Unfortunately it only works on desktop or tablet in landscape mode, for now.


Thxs very helpful

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This is an amazing tool! I was able to complete a move-set in only a matter of minutes.


A Mortem Rex strat we have been using for weeks. After R2T1 it’s up to you then.

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A pyri strat for low levels


These are so easy to understand at a glance!


It honestly does it’s help my group a lot

This is a way for two people to beat the sino boss with unboosted creatures.


Lol here is just a ridiculous way to beat rexy

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With 4 distractors, no moveset is needed. :joy:
Pretty much brainless raid.

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Lol true but you probably run out of turns

To bad you can’t do this with mortem

This is brilliant!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh no its slightly incorrect! On the last turn of round 2 you go for group taunting shields

here is the actual one. :slight_smile:

And for a 4 turn pyroraptor takedown

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We ran this before, it needs a bit luck.

BTW, a small tip, there’s a slider to adjust sheet width to make it more compact.

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thank you! i hadn’t noticed that

Is this tested working?

im not sure about the levels required to finish it in 20 turns but yes it will work