A tool for creating Raid Moveset Infographic

here you go this is the actual one

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https://jwatoolbox.com/creature-maker look at this one

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That’s pretty cool, I think I’ll use that for future proposals


Tried to show Andrewmax my virshen

Haha… I may show this to my alliance. We beat it with a lot of crazy combos last week but this one is hilarious

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Ikr I would try it too if my sloth was level 10

also just to let you know, If the boss is level 11 or above then the first round will have only 6 moves and the second one will have 8 rather than 8 and 10 respectively

The best thing about the T-Rex raid is you can beat it with practically anything, it gives you a real opportunity to stretch your legs and try some fun things

very true! you just need 4 creatures which can 50% every turn or 4 creatures with instant distraction where 1 turn 2 of the go for instant distraction while on the next turn the other 2 go for instant distraction

We did it multiple times with 2 or even sometimes only 1 distraction dino, we even did 1 with a level 3 sloth that survived

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theres also a way to do it in 2 turns which involves no distraction dinos

Credits: @Qaw who created this strategy

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It seems you are using the planner on mobile devices.
However it doesn’t work well in small screens.
If you have to, try request desktop site and you may get better results. Don’t forget to adjust those size sliders too.

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does this really work?

It worked once for me, but not always, thyla may die if opponent crits or bypass dodge.
I recommend the 6T strat https://global.discourse-cdn.com/ludia/original/3X/9/1/91483f3ea40448bb90146380c149c64492247205.jpeg