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A topic to share your nostalgic feelings/pictures/videos about Jurassic World Alive and/or share things you are grateful to have been removed

I miss the time when Stegodeus was the best Dino in the game and had Armor Piercing Rampage

One thing I am definetely grateful to be gone is Dracorat’s swap and shattering rampage. (Ste)God, that was absolutely broken


I miss the time when boosts didn’t exists

Also I’m grateful they finally nerfed this stupid ProRat, if only Rixis didn’t replace it…


Nice topic idea!


Look how much I darted!

My mostly epic team with first legendaries too! Back when Stegod and Stegocera were top tier. Want to hear a side story? When I created Stegocera, I immediately put him to my team and battled. He was so powerful that he destroyed whole enemy team alone! I was so happy!

My mostly legendary team! Tryo always in my heart! Removed him only a month ago, when he lost FS :frowning: .
I also remember Allosino being very strong.
And Paramol with Rampage and Run too. Before Immune meta he could stunlock and enemy very well!

I always hated rats!

Sorna Marshes were beatiful…

My first unique, Indo! Back when he had 100% dodge! I didn’t even fuse him, unlocked him thanks to that broken st. Patty day lol

The days when you had to put your tournament team in place of your normal team. Let’s be honest, we all battled in the arena with wrong team because of that!

Just after 1.7 launched, I overboosted a Meg. Didn’t regret that, it was fun to play with!

I was so proud after creating Thor. I requested Tarbo from my alliance all the time! The emerald beast was awesome in 1.8! Immediately replaced Allosino (tho I loved Allosino too).
The funny part is that now Allosino is better…

Ok, that’s it! Thank you for listening to my short nostalgic story! I have even older screens but not on this phone. Sorry!


I really miss using Stegod and Indominus. It was a really good time back a year and a half ago.

I also miss Jurassic Ruins so much. I never had meg on my team but i remember it was a pain with the counter attack boosted

Man miss back before boosts


I honestly wish you could like change arenas cause there some good ones like bad lands, sorna marshes, mt sibo that are super cool to just battle in


I miss the time when Immunity is available, which is easier for my creature file. New creatures, and hybrids are okay


I missed the time when you had to work to get things, not get weekly incubators every Saturday. I miss the balance in the arena.

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Look at the bright side!

I wrote a topic suggesting to be possible a change on arena visuals a while ago
They don’t seem to be adding this unfortunately… :cry:

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I think the entire community misses the game before boosts, you got a point there!


I remember when final trophy count was not based on highest score achieved. Literally stopped playing arena after reaching epic incubator reward and just waited for season to end. Lol


I am very VERY grateful that we have a rechargeable battery for our drones now.
Having to keep up with batteries and darts was just super tedious.


Aside missing before boots times, as everybody here :joy:, i really miss stegocera times, when he was really strong in arena. Ceratopsian rework really screwed up :sweat:. I really hope that they’ll revert back the change

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That was a loong time ago lol

This is so ancient that even I don’t remember it, even though I’m playing since may '18 . Probably because I played PoGo much more than JWA back then so I don’t remember the exploration part well

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Yeah, everybody misses the game before boosts. And your Stegocera made me miss the time when Monostego had nullify, stun and decel. Man, that was a pretty strong hybrid

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I really like boosts :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: they make the game more interesting, i remember the fisrt time i play the game and i saw a postimetrodon in the wild, i was so excited

I miss the good old days when I used tarbosaurus even though it was lvl two.


It seemed very long because of the amount of pictures you put