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A trip down Memory Lane

anyone here remeber these abilities?

(think you can get the dev team to bring any of these abilities back @Ned @moderators?)


no i joined at december

The nostalgia I am experiencing is unbelievable, and I was given nightmarish flashbacks of draco’s Swap in Shattering Rampage era. And I still remember when creatures where immune, and resistances weren’t a thing, forgot what most battling experiences where like then

RIP greater stunning ranpage, i really miss using ourano on epic skill tournament


Ah, minimal stunning strikes. Reminds me of the time I took down someone’s entire team just using those stunning moves. I hit the stun in every attack, they didn’t get a single move in.

…Good riddance to the excess stunning moves.


Another move I remember is Distracting Shield

Distracting Shields is still in the game

It is? Where?

Current no dinosaur has it

Also F in the chat for greater stunning rampage.

But also F minimal stunning and swap in DSR they were the worst


Exepct king carnotaurus with 6k hp


6k hp carno boss


Do you remember how ugly Suchomumis was? I do~ :rofl:


Pounce is still in the game. The Pyrritator boss has it.

Ah. Adrenaline surge. That was a fun move.
Impairing strike could be an interesting move choice fo some cunning class creatures, tho it is obsolete now.

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they should re-add greater stunning rampage and thagomizer

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Yes bring back thago and make it like group decele impact but slows for 3 turns and only limited to stegosaurs


I was able to see posts about what sucho looked like, it didn’t look ugly to me but looked more like a nightmare. They changed it to look more like the sucho on the JW website if I remember correctly

Yeah, but boss moves don’t really count.

It wasnt pretty. :rofl:
It used to be faster too.