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A trip down Memory Lane

I still could remember the early days when Indom had Exploit Weak Spot and Stegoceratops had Minimal Stunning Strike

:sweat_smile: I believe most of these abilities were re-worked to incorporate them into the abilities we have today. However, I can definitely forward your feedback to our team.


Remember when ouranosaurus has greater stunning rampage and impact and run?

Remember times when all raptors was in meta because of pounce which decrease dmg by 90%


I’d love thagomizer to come back. It was better than how stegosaurs are now.


thagomizer, the one interesting move animation about stegosaurs, gone

We could use this again!!!


What about grylenken’s old counter?


I miss Tragodistis having a Rampage, I hope they give Trago it’s Greater Stunning Rampage back!

(It would also be cool if they made it a Group attack! :yum:)

I miss Trago being useful too.

It’s truly crap now and it’s time it got some love again.

It was a very useful en—
I mean… Dinosaur…

Trago is still useful! (Not in most pvp battles, but it is useful in raids!)

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Aah edmontoguanodon with regenerate and run, nullifying impact and greater stunning rampage was awesome, miss him so much!

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I agree 100% Trago and Stegodeus used to be staple of this game when it started a few years ago. I also miss Trago a lot. I sometime get mad when I see request to have a Unique made of new DNA while those good old are still sitting there being useless now. Wish they would finally made a Unique from them, and possibly bringing back the essence of what they used to be… If at least there was a lot of tournaments where we could at least use them somehow, that would be nice, for old time sake! :slight_smile:


Trago and Stegodues are superhybrids and can’t have a hybrid, and I think you can use those guys in legendary tourneys no?

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Shoot! Forgot that they were superhybrids… Oh well, tournaments it is, but the biggest problem then is that there’s not that many legendary tournaments, and they are the the most useful in those either… Oh well, maybe I’ll organize some PvP match with friends, to take the rust out of them :slight_smile:

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