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A tyrant free team

I thought I would play for the whole month with a tyrant free team and see what my high score would be, but I think the experiment is already over.

After 4 days straight of battling most of the day and evening, 5250 +/-

That seems to be the cut off for me. Whether it’s matchmaking, or some other voodoo that Ludia uses, that’s about it. I put 2 tyrants back on (L30 tenonto and DC) and set a new high score of about 5520.

My conclusion, without tyrants you can still hang in there, and it’s FUN using oddballs. Eventually I got sick of losing to swap in rampage and tryko/thor. That’s why I went with tenonto and DC, but left the rest of the non-tyrant team intact.

Just another way to make the game fresh, interesting, and most importantly fun for myself. I thoroughly recommend forgetting about the trophy count and high score and just messing around with whatever you like. You can always go back to the regular arena grind (like I did/do) before thinking of a new experiment to partake in.


*why I run sarcorixis, and diplovenator


I run dioraja, spyx, and orion. While they are pretty top tier, I barely see anyone using them at 4.9k. Same old thor, DC, erlidom, tryko and mega indoraptor. Nothing gets me more hyped up than watching the supposed underdogs thrash well established tyrants and prove their worth.

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I’m having lots of fun with these two now that DracoceRAT-OPs can no longer break shields or pierce armor.




Are you TACOCAT?
L29 Dimodactylus?
It made me smile :blush:
I’ve always wanted to use it, since it was introduced. Never quite good enough to crack the team, though. Definitely my favorite bird.

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Yeah. Finally met up in the arena and I got the totally wrong team picked to go up against what you had…

Dimo should hit 30 tomorrow. Just boosted speed again, too. The instant pinning strike is just what it needed. I left it for a long time, but boredom with the some old some old, the move change, and a TON of DNA made me go back to it.

It really messes with people.

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Although my 2nd account doesn’t face DC.s and Thors playing level 15-16 teams, after messing around for a while I get tired of the constant barrage of boosted Sinocratops and Einiasaurus’s so I end up putting bleeders and immune creatures back on my teams to win some back.