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A Unique dinosaur from Ceratopsian and Stegosaurids

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Ok. First Acroceratops. With 4800 health, 20% Armor, and Immunity to Bleed and Pin, along with a resistance to stun, this is a powerhouse that makes too much power. It’s a cunning resilient, not a wild card as of now. Change the RS to FS and it’s now a bit more balanced as well as being an actual wild card. Also either lower the damage or the health. The speed and the rest of the moves are fine. Also remove bleed or pin immunity. Also 20% crit Chance us a bit much, 10% will be fine.

Now Keratosaurus. It’s actually pretty good. But I would nerf it’s armor to 20 or 30%. Other than that it’s pretty good.

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I want a dsungaia and pteranodon hybrid

Ok. Give me a few minutes

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Changed as per requirements, but added a 50% distraction resistance as it can’t cleanse distraction anymore