A Unique Idea with Aquatic Dinosaurs


I think that what Jurassic world alive needs is some aquatic dinosaurs to join the mix. You could add dinosaurs like the Plesiosaurus, Liopleurodon, Nothosaurus, or even a Tylosaurus! You could do an under the sea event where players can go to parks or any bodies of water to find these incredible beasts! They could also have cool hybrids and their own type of moves if the arena.I can already see a hybrid chain with the Plesiosaurus! It could be a Plurrosaurs which could be like a crocodilian Plesiosaur. Then u could combine that with a land dinosaur like Erlikosayrus Gen 2 which doesn’t have a hybrid to make a super cool unique dinosaur! It would be shaped like Erlikosaurus but a little bigger with much bigger claws and a longer neck(like Plesiosaurus)And A sort of crocodilian head and legs to make an awesome dinosaur! I have many other ideas for you that are much better than this one!! Same goes for flying dinosaurs! Please like this topic if you think Ludia should add these features! Please email me back and tell me what you think, Ludia!!!Until next topic, Jackson.