A 'unique' poll

So, you have been playing JWA for a while, and you have always loved the indoraptor in the movie, so you have dedicated all your resources toward making it and leveling it up. You have ignored every other unique. You just leveled your indo up to 30 and as a reward, you are offered 3 FREE UNIQUES! All 3 will be level 24.

Who do you choose? Please choose 3. (edited to allow for multiple choices)

  • Trykosaurus
  • Thoradolosaur
  • Diorajasaur
  • Erlidominus
  • Magnapyritor
  • Utarinex
  • Tuoramoloch
  • Grypolyth
  • Dilocheirus
  • Tenontorex

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Interesting results. Giving this a bump for more respondents.

Tryko, utharinex and dilonacheirus so far

Tryko is a myth for me. Kentro dna’s hard to come by

Kentro is the myth for me. Tryko is the reality that stomps me in the arena…

Hate so much when i face a utharinex or tryko xd

Now, looking at those results, besides indoraptor, guess which two I have, and which one I’m about to start… haha! yep. Bottom three. lol

Bump, this is a cool survey!

Nice survey. Enjoy it

The results do not surprise me with one exception - erlidominus. I had assumed that 1-2-3 would be tryko, dilo, and utarinex, erlidominus was a big surprise. The lowest 3 are not surprising at all. My point in this is that I personally wish that given the opportunity to choose three free uniques, the decision would be a lot harder, that the uniques were a lot more balanced. By balanced I do not mean they all do equal damage, but that they all had interesting skill sets that made deciding on one over the other a bit more difficult. As far as harder to obtain ones being more valuable - the highest level uniques I’ve faced are also at the top of the list, wouldn’t those be the least I would see (assuming that the ones at the bottom of the list are the worst uniques, wouldn’t that mean they are the easiest to obtain)?

I hated the indoraptor and Indominus-Rexes in the moves because they weren’t real dinosaurs but monstrous abominations - I won’t even have them in my team, so thankfully I’ve got plenty of coin to spend on other creatures.

This statistic is a bit depressing for me given that the first two (trikosauro and Erlidominus) and the fourth (utarinex) I will never have because I have chosen other hybridization lines. The third, Dilocheirus, I hope to get someday but I still have a lot and 5 (Tenontorex), it will be almost impossible to get unless there is a weekly Tenontosauro event.

As I say, I will never have Trikosauro, Erlidominus or Utarinex and it may be at least two months until I get to merge Dilocheirus and tenontorex. When this happens, I also do not know if they will enter the team because by then most legendary players will be at level 25 or higher.

I hope that without these “monsters” it is possible to evolve in the arena.