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A US game and a battle thought


From reading some threads it seems like the developers have been a ‘Tad’ biased. Walmart supply drops and AMC supply drops yielding very high and unique drops that aren’t accessible to say…the rest of the world. It would be nice if the developers thought of other people across the big wet blanket. The battle thought is, could you introduce a penalising system that affects players that join battles and don’t interact with it. What I mean is the player that is glued to the phone and selecting their dinos and attacks are having to wait for the game to count down and auto select these 2 things for the lazy gamer that doesn’t want to press 2 things but to make isn’t active players wait 25 seconds for every choice!
Happy gaming and hope some things are changed.
Thanks :smile:


Yeah uh, Walmart drops are worthless. I have never been to a Walmart that my phone works inside (something about the aluminum roof I assume, but for people who can get it to work it’s literally just a regular drop (coins and darts). I’d rather just grab drops from neighborhood way easier.

The AMC one is basically a single free epic incubator. It’s basically a free $20 in game purchase. If other countries had a theater sponsor an event (pay ludia like AMC and walmart) you could get that too.

It is annoying having to wait for battle timer to go to 0 repeatedly. Maybe they could make it so that if you miss a timer you get half time next time like hearthstone