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A User-Made Wish List for Ludia

I’ll start:

  • Magnus nerf
  • Bleeder buff
  • Spinoconstrictor Rework/Revert
  • Hadros Nerf
  • Tryko Re-work/vert
  • Ardentis Armor
  • At least three more arena levels to return the Aviary/Manor/Depot to their former glory and bring players’ sanity back
  • Some more Fierce Creatures (actually good ones that don’t rely on cleansing moves, priority moves or other such stuff)
  • More viable Cunnings
  • An S-I Stunning Strike change
  • Some sort of allegiance Function (The original thread is called “A Way to Shake-Up the Game” I think)

Add anything else you have.


Monthly reset only puts you back to the bottom of the arena you finished in, as in Gyro gets reset to 5501 and shores gets reset to 6001.

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And in the rush to get back high a lot of players get shoved out of their arenas and into the lower ones. It’s why the Aviary and Lockwood Manor are congested with Lvl 30 max-boosted creatures, when you should really only be seeing those from the Depot and upwards.

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I’d love to see some more Cunning-Resilients.
There are only six in-game rn.
Eremoceros and

Also check what moves a creature has before giving it a class. There is no way that vexus is a wildcard.


Here is a rework I made for Hadros Lux


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how about Rexy added to the game? :t_rex:

Like I mentioned in another thread I want to be able to put Para Lux in a sanctuary or a raid for Para Lux.


Oh and more endgame pure fierce options.

Daily Rewards and Minion Changes in Raids.

Daily reward would make us enter the game daily and a new way to get cash and scent capsules. New minions would make them have new strategies and give opportunity for new creatures to be used in Raids, like Dilorach (these changes would be warned in advance to give players time to create new strategies before being released).

I know these changes would not be important. Many necessary changes have already been mentioned above and I have given only a few suggestions I had in mind.

More research on which creatures we’d like to be added as done would be appreciated as well.

Something like a Healer Minion, for instance, or a speedup minion.

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