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A very active player looking for a better alliance

hello my name is victoria I am looking for a Spanish speaking alliance (preferences latin) for win incubators of level 4 or more, my other alliance reaches the third and are very inactive. I have 3200 battle points, I’m level 13 and I usually donate a lot.

hello victory, I’m in the same situation as you :confused:

in my alliance we are not many active but we always get the 3rd incubator and the truth who knows if you want to join hahaha

although good aammm … could I add you as a friend? c:

I reply again because they erased the message for not being in English :confused:

jajaja i understand, i would like to be your friend and see your alliance :slight_smile:

Alliance name: AlphaTerritory

My name: AMLO2018 #5047

Yeah as you can se im mexican XD

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I can not add you to my list of friends, could you find me? im VICTORIA

Sure, who Is your #?

Its 9997 my number

Yep ready jeje

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hi vicky. come chat with my spanish speakers from mexico and europe