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A very annoying bug

Everytime I spin a wheel or do a Code 19 or finish a battle it just logs me out. Like it happens so much and its too annoying. I wanted to know whether the ludia staff knows about this.


Yup, they know. It’s been happening since last update and there’s already like 3-4 threads about it. When the update first came out the game was crashing at a pretty unacceptable rate. It’s gotten a bit better for me since then but yes, when you’re in the game and you initiate lots of graphics (ex. prize wheel) or lots of action information at once (ex. click tons of things quickly) the game is basically guaranteed to instantly crash.


Not sure you can call it a bug, as it does not affect all players. My guess is it’s a hardware problem, that has been exaggerated via a software update?

Not saying it’s right but not sure if it’s a “bug”. I would still report it but most likely it’s not something they can fix from their side in terms of an issue with your account. I hope I am wrong though.


Yeah this problem has seemed to stop happening for me now, no crashes at all today

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They’re definitely at least trying to fix it. Had a pretty bad day today, game crashed 3-4 times, but most of those were right after I opened the game to check in on Creation Lab and Hatchery and tried to resolve them as fast as I can. Lately crashes have been much rarer, especially in moments when it counts.

That being said, hardware definitely plays a role. I’ve never gotten to see the prize wheel actually spin :frowning: it’s moving at like 3 frames per second