A very big problem with scaphotator

Scaphotator is downright garbage. it could very easily be called the worst epic hybrid. and i noticed a huge problem with its class. It is only a cunning fierce with a freaking HEAL MOVE. UMMMMMMMMMM… WHAT?
That should be a wild card. I am super confused. i decided that it deserves a rework, even though scapho is garbage, diplotator is decently good.

  • OP
  • Needs a slight nerf
  • Balanced
  • Needs a slight buff
  • Garbage

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A heal move isn’t enough to make them a wild card. After all Postosuchus has a heal as well. And Diloranosaurus and Diloracheirus each have two heals but aren’t resilient at all (though they probably should be). But I’ll agree 100% that Schaphotator is pretty terrible.

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those are just more examples of ludia misusing their own game

Postimeterodon, Scaphognathus, and Tryostronix also all have healing moves. Should they be resilient as well?

Besides, I don’t think the heal is Schaphotators biggest weakness. It’s HP and attack are both terrible. Usually when something has an attack of only 1000 it has the bulk to survive a few turns, but Schaphotator only has 3000 HP. So at least one of those needs to be fixed, with or without a heal. Since they seem to want to make him a bleeder, an HP buff would probably be the most useful.


Another trash creature that Ludia seems to want to nerf lately. Healing is not exclusively resilient.