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A Very Golden Day ... 💰

Fight for Gold

Banner : Monolophosaurus and Velociraptor Gen 2…

…Neither of which are rewards of said event. :eyes:
Speaking of rewards.

Pot of Gold

Banner : Dinosaur of any rarity…

…Here’s the fantastic any rarity.

Other four cards : 59,700 coins.


Shunosaurus :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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The person who updates these needs a payraise, he obviously hates his job :rofl:

And all the events are difficult today, on par with F4F.
Couldnt finish them all at one go, will be back later to finish the Fight For Gold event which doesnt have Coins as reward :man_facepalming:

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350 rupees for that! A ripoff


I don’t write what I thought at the time because I will be banned for 100 years!


And inevitably

Ah well, it was something different to do


Got a Corytho myself, at least it is locked, i mean, Shunos gives decent LPs gain in trades, yes, Ms. Diogo? Also does everyone knows how long will i be banned i i write a badword here? To know if it is worth it…

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Luckily got one of the two dinos I needed. I just need one more and I can finally make his hybrid. The other dino I need is two Corythosaurus (but he doesn’t have a hybrid, so no big deal).

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Its not about the ban, its about sending a message. (evil joker laugh)
cue dark knight bgm
DO IT :rofl:

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:mag: :eyes:


Why was that flagged?

Because he is looking forward to a Community Member knowingly and purposefully running against the Community Guidelines


that event didnt really give coins i would rather pot of gold pack than a pelecanimimus

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I got a Shunosaurus as well, which would have been good, if it wasn’t for the fact that out of the entire possible list, Shunosaurus was the only one I had unlocked.n

Bad time to hit good odds… :woozy_face: