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A Very Unique Team

Encountered this time in the Library:

Gotta commend anyone who uses so many non-meta dinos.

But who has boosts to invest in Ornithimimus or Anktrynosaurus?


i wanna fight them. that looks fun.


Ouuuuu…that looks fun


It was an exciting game.
In the end I just didn’t have anything to bring down that final Nodopatotitan - Phorusaura was only scratching at it!

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I always admire such guys! They’re great to see in this dull arena

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Wow! Three bleeders!? That’s definitely fun looking. I wonder how it performs, what’s the trophy range?

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I’ve fought this person before. His orni wrecked me :joy:

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My trophy range at the time was 53xx.
Bear in mind though, the reset happened earlier today, so it’s hard to say what their true trophy range actually is.

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Well to all of you who appreciate this person’s efforts, plan and pit a little thought into it and you can to. Boosts will be resetting soon and you are no longer tethered to anything, I hope a lot of people think outside the meta moving forward

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Some dinos are very functional in the higher arenas and can also serve double duty as tournament dinos.

You lose a little power in exchange for that double duty. Suchotator is surely a nice Indo Gen 2 counter.

Two bleeders to help with people refusing to give up their Tryko.

Thinking outside the box is great.

Interesting team. Can be good for advantage tournaments. Ornith is a beastly nonhybrid and can kill magna.

Well, i fought this team:

Who has boosts to spend on Amargo? Conc at level 25? Well, that Suchotator slaughtered me…

Either a rich P2W player or a cheater who got his hands on a lot of in-game cash. :slight_smile:

Or a very smart person


Or someone not using meta dinos but using the dinos he/she loves :slightly_smiling_face:


I really hope it is a case of someone putting their hard-earned resources into the dinos they like.
As opposed to, y’know, me being crushed by some mega bucks player’s B team :sweat_smile: