A very unpleasant weekend

What could have been a good Halloween weekend in the game has become a very unpleasant weekend, for many the last. Good luck to alliance members who leave the game this week.

On the one hand, the nonexistent green towers. After not being able to catch tanys (necessary for many) or kelenken (possibly an important creature in the future), people were hopeful that the issue would be resolved over the weekend, but it got worse. On Saturday practically no green towers were seen and in all of them there were indominus (In my case and since I had to take a car as a companion I could see many green towers, specifically 11 and in all of them Indominus, something that by chance only it can happen every 2048 times). Sunday was even worse, the few towers full of indoraptors events (which could only be damaged once) and practically no epic. Some members of my alliance end the weekend with a single Allo and others got the 6 based on car hours.

On the other hand, the “Yoshi tournament”. A tournament in which some teams had all their creatures between 15 and 20 and others similar but with a Yoshi of 26 or higher loaded with boosts. If someone had Yoshi in the team, he was able to defeat only 3 rivals with him. A very, very unpleasant tournament, even worse than the “rat tournaments” and that this was difficult. Even those members of my alliance that have evolved Yoshi ended up tired of the tournament. They had the option of getting enough bills, coins and incubators but after a certain level in which everyone already had a superYoshi, the battles were all the same. If one had Yoshi and the other did not, it swept (50% times). If they both had Yoshi, they used to win the strongest Yoshi (25%). Only if neither of them had Yoshi (25%) could a balanced battle be seen.

The first problem I think has been a mistake of Ludia, one more. I don’t think they are so mean to prepare a weekend without towers like that. Just another calculation error and little reaction capacity to solve it. The second case is not a mistake. It is completely voluntary to break the game with the goat and the Yoshi. I suppose there is some monetary explanation, although I think it is wrong because creating so much discomfort in the players until forcing many to leave the game, I do not think it is positive for anyone.

A shame.


Frankly I am sorry to hear about green supply drops for you and your alliance members. I managed to dart all 6x Allo g2 over Saturday and Sunday and they were quite enough around my area especially in parks regions.

About tournament I agree, and I anticipated it so didn’t even bothered participating. Also my yoshi is never evolved though I might able to get him to some very decent level but really don’t want to especially when boosts are needed to be poured into her.

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I just went out about 90 min ago and got all 6 Allo2 within 40 minutes. All cities are not created equal though. But still, they’re out there if you’re willing to drive around senselessly. I just took some detours on my way to get tacos.

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I had no problem this weekend finding green towers or a mix of dinosaurs. Maybe just some bad luck?

ESD was cut drastically during this week. The cause was more strike towers and chests. I was able to shot Tirex only during “clean” hour when all old strike towers is gone and new one didn’t appear yet.

Then situation was improved on Saturday 5-7 Drops on kilometre radius, some them epics, some of the Spinonyx. It wasn’t absolute success, but it was good enough to dart the desirable DNA. On Sunday situation went backwards, now there 3-5 ESD on the kilometre radius and most of the Indoraptor, I’m hoping next week would be a lot better at least from Wednesday to Saturday, days when we can find Irritator.

So yes, it’s pretty easy to understand why people deside to leave. Good luck to them and to all others who decide to stay, maybe we’ll need even more :grimacing:

We went for a 60min drive tonight to grab the Allo, we were not able to fill it with six, 90% of the greens were the damn indo.

Bad luck there. At least you tried …

Same for me,only indoraptor,no allogen2

I think next weeks will be better as chest chase is ending today. Many event drops are hidden behind chests. Still lack of event drops is not caused only by chests. Main problem is map update which broke the game. Though Ludia still refuse to admit that forced map update in 1.10 broke the game for their players. Main problem is that drops are more concentrated around big roads or highways which are inaccessible or dangerous for pedestrians. Only passengers can safely play. If they were forced to use it cause of Google then they should test it before and adjust it.

Until Christmas probably won’t be big problem to find event drops, but then same problem will return with chest chase.

Got all 6 Allo g2 yesterday. Had luck that most of event drops in park had Allo g2.

EDIT: Tournament set on actual creature lvls with boosts allowed is nonsense. There are already big differences between players in lvls of their creatures. They could instead allow boosts in some tournaments with creature lvls set on 26. This would solve some speed ties.

4 green supply drops, all Indo.
100 mile round trip drive near Albany, NY.
DIDN’T bother joining tournament, saw what it would be before it started.
Just another weekend in this game, not at all surprised.

I can’t speak for the tournament, but my experience hunting was far different than yours.

I got all 6 allo g2 I went to a park to speed things up. But they were decently spread around. Though a lot of them were on private properties… They should increase green supplies more.

And I just went out because I work early here and there is a little more. Which tells me those halloween chests were taking up a lot of the green supply drops. Even so they should still increase the amount. Especially this week with irritator around.

For the tourney I can’t say I disagree at all. Yoshitherat is a global miscalculated boost mascot.

I already commented that I was able to get the 6 allo2, but traveling more than 40 km by car. The problem was for people who do not have a car and in their town they only had a single green tower more than 2 km from their house and the next green tower is more than 6 km away. This (and all games) should be affordable for people who can only walk because, otherwise, in addition to creating too important differences between the players, we cause very great damage to the environment. It is normal for those who can take a car to capture more free DNA, but anyone willing to walk for hours should be able to obey the DNA supplied by the green towers.

Well this Week isn’t starting off any better.

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