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A viable way to upgrade indo g1 (and indo g2) without breaking their role or abilities(my opinion)

both indos come from both indoms (obviously lol)

my idea that indos are relatively better would be like this

Resistances the Indo G1

100% to stun
75% to distraction
34% to rending
40% to swap prevention
50% to vulnerabily
34% to Dot
75% to Speed decrease(it is quite resistant because it is 66% raptor)

Resistancew the Indo G2

75% to stun
75% to distraction
34% to swap prevention
75% to speed decrease(it is quite resistant because it is 66% raptor)
20% to rending

improving its resistance to its predecessors would do it well to stay in my sand, not with enough resistance like other creatures, that’s why I say it could be a good way to give them a benefit

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I would like it to be like that, but in case they stay like this (as they are now) I have no problems

Isn’t Velociraptor faster?

Im ok with this one not op, balance even if indo g2 get distracting rampage its still fine.

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True ._. , I think both of them will have 75% resistance, now I edit

Bruh moment :rofl:

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thanks, I just want to see them in action again, without it getting broken, other versions were just broken

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I haven’t seen a single Indo/Indo Gen 2 since 2 weeks. The nerf really took it out on them.

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Still see some in library and aviary but my dio (21) destroyed it even its lvl 26-29

for that reason give them better resistances, that they do not make it OP so that they develop better in the sand

I have seen one or two of them in upper Aviary. Definitely not widespread

Precisely. They are super weak to shields now. None of them can break shields anymore. Have them face a Dio or a Tryko and it’s a game over for them.