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A video to hopefully clear up some stuff on this Gorgotrebax Drama

With me being involved and how big this issue is on the forums, I thought I’d make a non-monetized video with a bit more information and hopefully in the end we can all have a better outlook on this. I understand it won’t be the case for all, but I hope some people can have a less negative attitude towards the situation. Ludia might have a much better detailed response, but not entirely sure if they will do it. So for now, I wanted to help everyone out with this video and hopefully it answers a couple more questions. I hope you all get a better view on this situation after this if you plan to watch.


makes it clear enough for me. never crossed my mind about being connected to the company in some way. Whatever they have, i hope it can be beaten and they can in fact recover.


did you do a friendly battle?

who was it?

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MINMI :innocent:


so thats why there is a pyro badge

and emotes

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In the first day of Gorgotrebax, the reward system was still the old 10 - 100 dna rewards?


I believe so, I’ve only heard rumors about the 100 DNA being collected, but my friend confirmed they got 40 DNA in that week.


I don’t know if someone thought this would make the situation better, because it doesn’t. No hate towards minmi, but they should have been honest with their defense for this. It wasn’t because of medical reasons, it was because they have connections and this is the reason why they didn’t want to answer any questions about this issue. Anybody else playing who has terminal illness won’t be getting anything unless they know someone from ludia, and this would explain minmi’s posts saying that they have something no one else has. It was also unclear if this is terminal or if they can survive it, so that kind of adds to the problem. A lot of people have been dealing with awful stuff in the past year, I’m pretty sure the virus is still a thing and has affected a lots of people, that can also be deathly, so giving something to your friend over others seems still kind of shady. This should have been kept completely private.

Thank you for clearing things though.


So nepotism instead of charity. Not entirely sure is that much better, but it’s good to have the facts. Thank you for this. Though this leads to question how much DNA has ludia gifted to friends and families of their employees before this.

Be as it may, it’s clearly a ludia issue and has nothing to do with anyone else involved. Best wishes to MINMI in their difficult time.


I see all the points of where you’re coming from, players that aren’t close to Ludia are unlikely to get this treatment. But really if you don’t personally know Ludia, can you provide solid evidence that you have a medical condition like this? You could show a medical certificate sure, but for all Ludia knows it is fake. With them knowing MINMI it’s easier to see what is actually going on with their own eyes. I see where you’re coming from, but at the same time it could be near impossible for Ludia to tell what is real or not online and much easier to do stuff with people they know I guess.


In the last thread people gave examples of gaming companies doing nice things for people who were going through hard times or had actually cancer. They didn’t personally know these people though. So it is possible to help people you don’t personally know.


This is very true, @TheProC could I ask of a favor from you.

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Okay, I’m just curious as to how they would give evidence of this. Like I’d assume the people who had the medical conditions became well known in the community or something so the company spotted them out? Also one of them I believe talked about giving early access to a game before it was released, I’d assume in that scenario the company would know the person :thinking: but I might be wrong.

What would that favor be?

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Could I ask for you to help me meet TheGamingBeaver, it’s sort of a dream of mine.

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I don’t actually know the guy, we just raid every now and then. Sometimes he chats in his discord server. If what you mean is you wanted to talk to him, you might get lucky when he’s online and talking in his discord?


Their stories probably went viral so the company heard about it, doesn’t mean they actually became friends lol. Hearing about a story and meeting and knowing that person from one meeting and actually being friends with someone are two different things.

I don’t know what kind of evidence someone could give, but usually people who get these things are people who went public with their stories. This one though was not done in public yet the reward was shared publicly, which makes this a problem.

It would be easy to accept if ludia would have posted that they heard about this long time player having difficult times or having health problems and they wanted to help them or give them something that they could enjoy. Instead of not telling us anything and someone else bringing it to light that ludia is giving stuff for their friends only.


Okay, but even still, I haven’t heard of a story that got popular in the Jurassic World Alive community about someone with extreme medical conditions. For all we know, Ludia could do the exact same with them as they did for MINMI.

What I meant was could you ask him to send me a friend request on discord, I wanted have a little chat with him, hope you could understand that. He’s sort of my idol.

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He accepts friend requests of moderators in his discord and people associated with his sanctuary sharing, probably some other stuff. I’m not on his discord friend list and I’m sure majority of people that raid with him aren’t either.

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