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A video to hopefully clear up some stuff on this Gorgotrebax Drama

Could at least contact him or tell him, something like that

Attempt to contact him and see what happens, only friends can send him messages, he doesn’t want spam email from millions of fans. Has that answered your question? If so I think it’s best this topic got back on topic, this isn’t about TheGamingBeaver lol.

Lol yeah, guess i’ll just ask minmi to contact him lol

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Not everybody goes public with their stories, not everybody wants pity gifts or handouts either. I had a friend who had cancer and he hated nothing more than people pitying him and giving him free stuff or something extra. So there are people like that too, who would have declined ludia’s offer.

And like I already mentioned helping someone who they don’t know would be easier to accept and it would probably be public so ludia could even know about it and the rest of the playerbase would also know about this and everybody would be cool with it. This was done in private, but rewards were then shown of to everybody, like ‘look what I got’ kind of thing and only because they are friends with someone. If what they have is something they can get better from, now that dna is only in their pocket because they have a friend.


So communication being the problem? They did say they would work on it all the way back in the Gamepress letter, so that’s reasonable. I guess it really was just them not knowing what they should say as MINMI didn’t want to say the medical condition. Hopefully in future they can say in a way they’ve at least handed out the DNA that results less in people being mad at finding out this info themselves.

Well at least now people can make their own mind and judge with their wallet.

I would encourage people to cancel their VIP as they are throwing money to the bin.

Who knows how many players Ludia has given an unfair advantage to…


Well the medical condition doesn’t even matter so they don’t even have to say other than it was because of medical condition. Even if there is someone with the same condition they aren’t getting the free dna, because they very likely aren’t friends with ludia.

They could have said that we have a friend that is having health problems and we give free dna to our friends. There how difficult was that? Was something personal revealed there? No. Instead minmi is being shady on the forum, because they are ashamed to reveal that they got it as a friend bonus. And ludia is silent like usual.


Okay, well I’ve basically said all I know, at this point I’m really just guessing. I’m getting tired so things are getting harder to process. Hopefully Ludia makes a statement about this that can go into more depth than what I can, we’ll just have to wait and see, as most people have said.

If they want to give their friends stuff for free for whatever reason they should make it so no one talks about it in public. This whole thing was poorly handled by everybody involved.

When people asked how did ludia even find out about something so personal and private, by such a private person, minmi could have ended the whole thing with revealing they are friends with ludia. Instead they kept on saying that it was for health reasons, which is not the reason how they got the dna. If they only had health reasons and in fact were that private person they claim to be, there is no way ludia would have found out about it. And if someone else would have contacted ludia about it asking for a friend type of thing, ludia probably would have posted what I already said; we heard about a player having difficulties so decided to give them something nice.

And again you can see that none of my examples of responding or telling the truth involve revealing any personal information.


I would like to clear up. I know people pretty well at Ludia, however the people I know well there do not work in the Jurassic World Alive department. The reason ProC included that inside the video is due to credibility of me receiving apex dna. Which meaning my friends did not give me the dna, they told others at Ludia to give dna because I am suffering. This could be a way they sent dna.

Now another possibility is that a third party stepped in and asked for dna for me. This could be my friends, family, etc. That is also a possibly of the JWA team or whoever sends dna getting the info on me being sick.

The reason I am giving two possibilities is I don’t know which is true lol. Quite frank I didn’t expect to receive apex dna that day at all. Hopefully this clears some things up, but I would like to enforce that I did NOT ask for dna, did someone and ask to give it to me, quite possibly.


It is good you wrote this Minme.

First of all I wish you a lot of strength to go through whatever it is you are going through.

Second of all, I don’t believe anyone that would like to keep their medical circumstances private would want to pre-unlock any apex Dino. What is the point of having one if you can’t really use it without exposing the gift you got and causing a lot of negative responses.

I am sure that all you want is to find peace with whatever your circumstances are and that does not include having to deal with all of this.


It’s a real shame that anyone is questioning the validity of someone receiving a gift because they are in a bad way.

This is a game, a game that offers us all some respite from the real world and all the awful things that happen in it.

Some of us are lucky to enjoy good health, wealth and a positive future in our lives. Others aren’t, and if a gift such as some digital dinosaur dna helps those who are really down on their luck, especially their health, then I’m delighted Ludia find it in their hearts to offer it.

Sometimes we get dealt a bad hand and have to make the best of it, and if @MINMI has even just a little bit of happiness from receiving the dna then I’m really happy.


This reply makes this even more confusing. I don’t know why you had to write this, when we pretty much got to a point where we only needed ludia to respond, now this is all over the place again…

Like proc ask earlier, what kind of proof does ludia need to be sent that they give you free apex dna? If you didn’t provide any proof, who did and what papers did they sent them or did they just believe it because they were working there, what is stopping them from abusing this? Can others with medical conditions that are so bad that it’s stopping them from playing the game now contact ludia for free dna or other perks? If no proof is needed there shouldn’t be any problems with others doing this and getting their free stuff right?

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My only real issue with them giving apex DNA to someone who is sick is that there are a lot of really sick people in the world who got nothing because they don’t know the right people and that’s wrong. This is a bad look for a company, not because of an altruistic act but because of the “know someone inside” aspect. Ultimately it’s wrong to be angry at the recipient but Ludia should be brought to task on this subject.


The problem people have with this is that it’s just not some random having good heart thing they are doing, they are only providing these things to people they know. I can assure you that minmi isn’t the only player with health problems or even terminal/deadly ones. But others who are in that situation can’t get these kind of perks, simply for not knowing people who work for ludia. Not only that, but it seems like others would need to provide some kind of proof of their health when minmi didn’t have to proof anything. This all needs to be cleared out by ludia.

If asking privately is enough and you can even ask for other people and no proof is needed, then ludia needs to get ready for pretty big amount of emails from people.

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Why do you assume that others with similar medical issues can’t just ask for dna?


In all honesty, I don’t care how many people get a gift because they are less fortunate than me.

I will always be grateful to this game for the joy it’s given me since I retired due to ill health 3 years ago. It gets me out of the house, and I’ve made some good friends along the way. I will never begrudge anyone who gets a brief moment of happiness from a gift when they are in a bad place.

It isn’t going to make any difference to me that someone gets some digital Dino dna other than it makes me a little happier to see that there are people out there that care about other peoples happiness in difficult times.

If a few hundred more less fortunate people get free dna then I’m happy for them too.

What’s the point of life itself if we can’t do something good for someone who needs it?


i see this as a case of friends asking to help another friend. we wanna do something for them, so maybe we can pull some strings since we work at the company that makes a game they play. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

And if the company’s track record is anything to go by, those friends probably didn’t expect anything to happen. But now a precendant has been made, and if it happened to one person, it could happen to others.

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I truly hope it does happen for others.

Life can be pretty crap for some people so if Ludia can make it a little more bearable in some way or another, they get my vote.

Are you implying that all the people at Ludia know only 1 person who plays their game? Clearly there’s more factors at play here, right? Just because taking X factor out gives you a negative result doesn’t mean it is the sole factor.

Do other people also deserve a similar reward? Maybe. We don’t know if Ludia has a process in place for that kind of thing, and if they only found MINMI due to very specific circumstances then that is unfair to the other people (assuming they exist), but that doesn’t make it Ludia’s fault that it is unfair, since actively reaching out is unethical.

I don’t get why you’re going on about keeping it private when there’s no way a Gorgotrebax randomly turning up in Aviary would not have been publicised and drawn allegations of cheating. We know this because that’s exactly what has happened to 2 other players in the past few days, and they didn’t publicise anything.
The way I see it you’re just cutting out the middle man and getting to the claims before things get out of hand. Obviously that didn’t really work out well though.