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A video to hopefully clear up some stuff on this Gorgotrebax Drama

I’m sure anyone can ask for anything, but what actually gets you stuff? That is what people want to know. The actually situation you are in or the connections you have? Which is it, if it’s the situation there will be people sending them messages asking for whatever they need and if it’s because of connection then only selected few can even do that, and that clearly isn’t fair.

If it is the connections.Then that is a huge problem, but due to the fact that this gift was scent when my medical issues got worse I don’t think it’s just because I have friends up there. I also don’t think it’s because of my friends due to the message given to me when getting the reward.

However I agree if this does have to do with my friends then this gift is certainly not ok. However just for fairness sake I will contact my friend about this to confirm reasons for Ludia giving this gift.

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my man, dont let these people on this forum get you down, i feel sorry for the human race after reading that other thread. people are pathetic!


this who thing is sad honestly. instead of people wishing you well, you get attacked for the company’s decision to do something nice.

honestly, should ludia continue to do nice things for players if this is how they get treated?

I do wish you the best and hope that you can recover.


I don’t know why you keep replying to me when you aren’t even reading my posts…

I never implied anything like that. I have no idea why you are saying these kind of ridiculous things. English isn’t my first language, but that doesn’t make me stupid… If you want we can have this conversation in my first language, just dm me and we can get started. Though I don’t believe that will make it any easier for you to understand the points I’m trying to make.

Well ludia should let us know hopefully tomorrow what their rules about these kind of things are. I find it kind of weird that everybody here somehow seems to believe that only minmi is going through horrible stuff or health problems. I could go more into detail about players I have had the pleasure to play with, but obviously I won’t Just know those players should have deserved to reach their goals for this game.

Considering that more than one person has stated that minmi doesn’t even use trebax in arena, it probably would have been easy to keep quiet about or ludia could have just stated that they have dealt with the cheaters and minmi could have happily kept theirs. Then again some people said that they are using it, so this is mixed information.

This is the last reply to you I will make, I have had conversations with you before and I remember that you didn’t read my posts back then either or constantly misunderstood, no hate though. I just think there is a huge language barrier between us two.

I have stated that they can do nice things to players, but the fact that the reason behind this one seems to be having connections seems a bit unfair.

Like I said in my earlier posts if ludia would have tweeted out or made a posts that they heard about this long time player having health problems and decided to give them something nice, I would have been okay with that. This was however not done.

Rest of the playerbase were left in the dark about this, which is going to make it look like minmi is one of the cheaters., which clearly they are not.

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I’m unsure on how connections affect kind gifts from Ludia.

If the connections produce a gift for a player, in this example myself. Then yes, this situation is extremely unfair to the community because I have friends at Ludia I get rewards. Because my friends at Ludia did not explain my medical problems to Ludia, so then Ludia just randomly decided to throw dna at me.

However what I think is that my friends informed the JWA department about my problems, so they decided to do something nice due to my medical problems. This is not unfair because any player with severe medical problems would probably get the same treatment as myself.


There is still some problems with that though. Is some kind of evidence required here or is just telling them enough? They probably also believe their own workers a lot easier than some random people sending them emails.

yeah ludia’s communication sucks. it could be better.

but also considering their track record and the fact that they’ve never before given out anything due to circumstances beyond a player’s control, what if this was the first time they decided to start doing nice things for the community. they could’ve been planning to release a statement about it at some point. idk.

but with all the hate and vitriol displayed, why should they continue to do this if all it does is get players harassed? classic case of someone ruining it for someone else. And getting mad when answers aren’t given the same day they were demanded.

this mess happened because of ludia’s poor communication. we should quit harrasing someone who has bad enough health issues. and wait for ludia to make their move. i wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t do anything like this in the future now.


While I’m not sure I agree with the way everything has been handled on Ludia’s side of things, that is in no way disrespect to you.

Sending good vibes and wishing you well. Stay strong @MINMI


I haven’t sent any hate towards minmi, if it has come off that way, I’m sorry. I have lost family members to illnesses so I know how devastating these situations can be.

They can and should do stuff like this in the future, it would make them look better and players would actually think they care. This was just really badly handled.


sorry if i sounded like you were mad at MINMI. it was more a generalization of what’s been going on.
agreed that ludia handled this poorly and i hope this doesn’t deter them from helping community members in the future. also hope this ended being the wake up call the needed to actively communicate better.

also, my condolences for those you have lost.


I think minmi said that they have gotten some really nasty dm’s from people, I would never do something like that to anyone That should be something moderators look into, that is not okay. Or calling her a cheater, when it has clearly stated many times that that is not the case here.


Whatever happens, I just wish you well.


If ludia starts to now communicate after this, I think people are willing to forgive all their past mistakes, because people just love the game and want to see it succeed. I know I would certainly forgive them for every mess up, I just want to enjoy the game. So let’s hope this will be the last wake up call they needed.

bro you are just going on and on and on and on about this. stop, breathe, put your phone down and do something positive

Yes because people keep replying to me, I kind of feel like if I’m being asked questions I should answer them or better explain myself if I possibly can. This is a forum where people can have discussions so I don’t see the problem of me doing so. If you don’t want me to post, just stop replying. You are literally asking me to post again here, when I’m ready to go.

I’m also not here just for myself. I’m part of an alliance that speaks different language than english and many people there have questions and worries about this case, so I kind of am being the voice for them too and asking and bringing their worries out.

do something positive! life is too short to worry about something so pathetic! and this is actually my first, last and only reply to you.

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I can do what I want with my life and time, you don’t need to tell me what to do, but I do appreciate that you won’t reply anymore. Not sure if mentioning that life is short is the best wording here, considering what is going on though. Have a nice day, I’m also going out with my family now.

PS. don’t understand why you would even start with something negative again when we just ended this with a good note.

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I can’t imagine what gave you the impression that I didn’t read your post, or think of you as stupid. There certainly have been misunderstandings in the past, and I have always tried to clear them up.
I wouldn’t mind discussing further, but if you’re not interested then so be it.
Until further notice I stand by what I said. Do not feel obligated to reply to this post.

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