A VIP enhancement

I’ve noticed the VIP exclusive stuff in the store now. It’s getting better. Something that might help those feeling VIP isn’t worth the money, give VIP’s a stat screen. A section that has a bunch of stats. Like average number of darts per dino, highest number of darts for one dino, most darted dino, and so on. I think this doesn’t give VIPs an unfair advantage. It’s just a little step, but in the right direction for better diplomacy.


Hmm. I like the idea, but two things:
A) It’s 10 bucks a month, there should be real rewards
B) Not so sure I’d want to see my average of 7 DNA per Dino lol


Or allow VIP to take full rewards when spinning stops from a distance.


I always thought vip should decrease the incubator time lengths too.

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True I would like discounts in things like evolving, speeding up, or a retry in a strike tower. Would also love new icons and a exclusive VIP tournaments and events plus a VIP scent.

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All of these suggestions are great! I would love any of them. There needs to be something added to VIP. We all agree on that. Into the Dead 2, by PikPok is really good with VIP stuff. Ludia should adapt that model to JWA.

I would be happy with Ludia extending the spawning distance for VIP. So instead of it being the dark blue circle, it’s the full 200M circle.