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A warning: new boosts makes an armsrace agen. Do not fall for it

It was between a discussion of me and @Stiffeno that I made this conclusion. He made me aware of not only a feu things present in game but also future potential plans. The crit and armour boosts that have been in the games code in particular. I’m at a lower playing level then most here on this forum, I have spent some time reading into the higher lvl play, reactions and situation. But my experience seem to be a bit different then there’s. I, on score 2300, two legendries, with no use of boosts, have actually seen a rice in team diversity. The boost range from little to extreme(rage quit inducing) or non at all. The prior binging most commend and second commend is no boosts. It over all seems fine here…
I have not invested much time nor money (but effert) in the game. Maybe that is why I do feel less tempted to not enter the boost race to retime my trophies. I lost around 4-300 score (I had the same score then as now) at start of the boost sails. (But I increase in skill, gain my first legendary, and that was that.) It is clear that for what I have herd that this is somewhat minor. Loosing more then 600 score was common place. It makes me think that boosting was much more vital( at a higher ranks), and also to what extent they were boosted. This follows the notion that those that have invested a lot of time or money are more willing to pay to see there investment “pay of”. The sunk cost fallacy. I it a part of human phy, it was good for survival in the wild.
I think it is not to far of a conclusion to draw that Ludia is planning to redo this spectacle. Now with crit boost etz. Maybe new dinos, but also a player base that have invested more. I hope for all that this game was that the present boost implementation was not completely calculated, a masterplan. But only a happenstance, coincidence. But the Rat and Thor arguments are strong.

  • However that is true or not, I warn of a second arms race. There a player buys more and more boosts to keep up with other players who do the same thing.

You may se your self lose tropifies to those who have collected more boosts. Ludia hopes that this will get you to buy boost your self and this is the main reasons boosts exist and were implemented at different times. All other reasons is but thin disguise.
“Predict What will happen in the comments, like and subscribe”


Another point to make about this: New players will not experience the extreme unjustness that was found in late game or during updates. New player will continue to come, perhaps spend money and to late realize there mistake to invest or fall in the addiction trap. Not knowing the many bugs that exist in the game and that they have been there for very long, apparently. But then they know what Ludia is up to, leave or if it happens to late, stay. This game is fun, and brings me outdoors more. It should not be as addictive and pay to win as it is, dinosaurs being quite marketable and directed to children and all.


The understanding that it really doesn’t matter if you win or lose is the tough bit. My son who is 12 is sometimes a nightmare when it comes to this game, he constantly tells me he can’t win without boosts.

I gave in and let him do some of the tapjoy offers, and he always does the boost tower and more often than not does the dbi. And t be fair I get less anger rages from him as he is steadily moving up from 3000 to 3600 trophies in the last few weeks.

Myself, I do the same as him, and if I hadn’t used boosts I would be at about 3500. As it is I’m at 4600 and feel ok there.

To simply refuse to buy any despite having plenty of free ones seems daft to me. But then so does playing a competitive game and not being bothered whether you win or lose. Perhaps I’m just old fashioned though.

I do agree that it’s very much pay to win though, despite my son and I not spending any actual money on the game. We won’t be reaching the highest levels though.


I only play for fun and the comedic value since boosts came about.

The game is destroyed, but I do find it immensely more enjoyable not caring what happens.

Kind of like a train wreck, you don’t want to look, but you just have to.

Looking forward to the epic boosted Thor’s that can’t be destroyed, even if you are lucky enough to get a chance to take a swing at it.


Yea super hilarious when I encounter a Stegod with nearly 9000+ health.

I have one of those ridiculous Stegods (9058 health) because of DracoceRAT-OPs. It has tier 6 health and 5 attack and speed. My Tragod is 5-5-5, also because of the rat. I did that to survive and stop the trophy freefall. However, I didn’t spend a single cent of real money on any boosts. I complete all daily missions, donate as much as I can spare, do all strike towers, and max out my supply drops every day. I may have spent over $600 in this game this past winter, but I learned my lesson and put a halt to that! Now I spend nothing, and I sincerely regret spending anything at all.


I’m in exactly the same boat as you deepwrinkle.
I sincerely regret spending the money I did which was most of the special incubators offered as I levelled up.
How naive I was, I really didn’t see what was coming, for if I had known boosts would come and destroy the balance of the game I wouldn’t have bought any of them.
Never will I spend another penny on this game.


I had that same chat with steff about it and we agree thats probably going to occur. Ludia is way to greedy to care


You’ll probably see a lot more players like me: I use a modicum of boosting to ensure I can still hold my own in PvP battles from time to time but play with the knowledge that I’m likely never getting out of the Sorna Marshes because I will not spend a lot of money on the game. (As an aside, did y’all notice the $49.99 incubator “special” a while back? Crazy!) I play as a dino-nerd, for the fun of trying to hit that little white bull’s eye that the system attached to the tip of a whipping tail or wiggling knee, and for the challenge of seeing what kind of strategies I can come up with to keep winning PvP battles without mortgaging my home to buy more boosts. There will likely always be a hardcore group willing to throw money at the game to get into & stay in the upper echelons, but I doubt they’ll ever be the majority.

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you can dream. just a few hundreds dollars ahead.