A warning

I’m a huge D&D fan. Been playing since Pools Of Radiance on C64. So of course I was interested. It could be a good game. But it doesn’t care about being good. It only cares about money. I understand f2p needs to make money someway but forcing unnecessary grind on your player base is not a way to do it.

Like many others I hit the pay wall early. So I decided to grind for gems. 33465 earned gems later and I only have 2 characters at 10, one at six, one at 8, and the rest at nine. I’m halfway through the last area and at another pay wall. Anyone who thinks that they can grind their way to the end is in for a huge shock once they see how much exp they need at level 10 and the amount of gold it costs to level up equipment.

I’m not a stranger to the grind. I’ve played DDO for five years and had two completionists characters. So the grind doesn’t bother me as long as it’s reasonable. Spending over 33000 gems on gold, packs, and chests and still hitting a pay wall is absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention that the max level is 20 so it would most likely cost at least another 50000 in gems to reach max level.

Whoever made these decisions should be fired and WoC should pull the license from this greedy company. It’s a disgrace to the D&D franchise.


I agree it’s too grindish, but what would be a reasonable grind curve to make the game let in you opinion?

A reasonable grind curve keeps up with game progression. You shouldn’t be facing enemies 4 to 5 levels above you at any point.

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I have to say that it is looking that way already. I cancelled my VIP subscription, as it wasnt really helping much. I will keep playing for now, and maybe renew it if they fix these issues (it is still new, afterall). It saddens me because I couldn’t put it down at first.


My highest are 9 and I’m stuck on the final chapter cloister 2 boss, granted probably help if I had more useable legendary items, I’m not complaining too much, if you’ve spent 30k gems on gold and only level 10, you’re failing miserably, I’ve spent maybe 1000 gems on gold, rest have been on a 3k gem chest, like 4 of the 2 for 1 epic packs, running challenges, other than that, my gem usage is quite minimal

I’m failing miserably…right. This game is failing miserably. But I expect a few people like you that always defend P2W games. It’s rather astonishing. I guess it is similar to Stockholm Syndrome.

I really like this game but the curve is too steep and the instead of making more dungeons for exploring the devs have just made the difficulty ramp up too fast.
I’d be happy to buy a game like this and not feel like I need to grind or buy (or play for) gems more often than actually playing.
I also wish PVP was 6 rows instead of 5 as it makes holding off moving into melee range a big strategy.

I took the subscription route, and I feel my characters are leveling nicely, yes there is steep difficulty curve for the exploration dungeon aspect! But I don’t mind the grind for that! My issue is with the Arena mode since update I am having even more problems with loading when entering the arena! And when it does actually load I feel the coding by the Devs is totally against you two prime examples are my domination ability has been resisted in every match up against level 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 characters when mine is level 9! (Last like 12 matches in a row since update) What’s the point of having a special ability if it just gets resisted 100% of the time? And misses since update I have gone from 1-3 misses per match to 2-5 misses per match! With my opponents only getting between 0-2 misses per match! It makes me ask myself do I want to continue to pay the subscription fee of £9.99 a month! When I can’t fully enjoy all aspects in the game!

Heyy I agree with you on this one even made a post about it and honestly fell don’t listen to this payed shill they can’t say anything this is what a recent post of there’s is claiming they have spent real money on to get to where they are