A way for alliance leaders to see who has defeated 10 creatures in tournaments

I think it would be a good idea if the alliance leaders and co-leaders or the whole alliance could see if people in the alliance have defeated 10 creatures in the tournaments on the alliance championship list with a small icon next to the name of the player. It would work like this: If the icon is showing then the player did their 10 takedowns and everyone/only alliance leaders and co-leaders can see it. But if the icon isn’t there everyone knows that the player didn’t defeat 10 creatures yet (it’ll disappear each time a new tournament begins).

In this way alliance leaders and co-leaders won’t have to remember to take screenshots of the point list before every tournament. And they won’t have to spend time comparing 100 numbers every weekend to check if people have defeated 10 creatures in the tournament.

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Well you can wait for that to happen or set up an excel sheet that calculates based upon their former score vs new score who’s gotten the 1000 bonus points. We implemented the latter a long time ago and also gives us insight into how many battles (trophies) we need to tier up even if all did their 10.

We post it on Sunday and holler at those who still need to enter and finish or just finish and it helps a lot.