A way to buff bleeders

Most bleeders in this meta don’t do well, with only a couple having some viability, here’s my take on this. First of all, less cleansing creatures. It’s ridiculous how many creatures can cleanse bleed, I say that some creatures loose cleansing or be specialized into cleansing something else to improve that creatures viability. Secondly, less bleeders that use bleed too much. 2 examples. of this are Spinotahsuchus and Stigydaryx, they have other moves but they don’t use them because there don’t work on that creature. My suggestion is too give these bleeders more reliable moves so that they don’t fully rely on bleed. Lastly, the damage. this is the opposite of the last change, creatures that don’t rely on bleed and use other moves don’t have the base damage. My suggestion, just give them a little more attack and they are good.


Paramoloch loses cleansing strike and gains resilient strike so bleeders can counter it, and Para might actually be more viable.


Spinotahsuchus loses swoop and gains distracting impact, and some damage and now relies less on bleed, but still has it as an option.


Spinoyx’s attack increases to so it can use Precise, and Definite Rampage with more effect.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

  • It’s perfect
  • It’s good, but it could be done better
  • it’s ok
  • its pretty bad
  • its awful

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Incase your wondering, all the changed creatures above are not the only ones being buffed, any bleeder falling into this category will receive these as well.

buffed dimorphodon

how it would work
offers swoop, but if used swap-in, acts as a regular lethal wound
plus you cant swap and then use it again bc of the delay

Sorry but paramoloch is already really bad ,there is no need to destroy it more,we have enough of 1 monomimus.
All hadrosaurs shouldn’t be consider as resilient since they are “medics”.(and their role should be more evolve in PvP)
For the sake of god,2 strikes moves,a shield which do literally no damage and a heal which won’t heal more than the damage receive.In pvp,it is useless:Give him abilities for Pvp.
For spinotasuchus,swoop was a nice addiction making him nice to include to a swap in team,if he need something,it should be immune to deceleration,he is made to beat resilients,and more over,buff his damage,1200 for a fierce is low,his critical impact can be neglected.At least 1400.and so nerf a few his speed (127 is nice)

Spinonyx seem fine to me,2 rampage move is already strong.

Give Stygidaryx Resilient Impact or Impact & Run instead of Instant Invincibility so it has some sort of viability against bleed-resistant creatures. It’s already tricky enough to use.

Then,he will have 3 swap out abilities which is too much.
Stygidaryx need something more,but not a swap out abiliy and resilient impact on him would only deal 1500 dmg which is poor.

It’s already the swap-out king. That’s its game. That move would come from its lineage, as well. I suggested Resilient Impact as an alternate because I doubt they would give it a rampage.

I would argue that resilient strike instead of cleansing is better for it, as it gains speed control.

Here is a rework of stygidaryx:
Introducing ear piercing ,which is instant move which provide for the first time a 75% shield and allow to bleed opponent .
His basic strike become a shield aswell to give him more sustain,i kept the 2 possibities to bleed and run.
And to finish if the opponent is swap immune and decide to swap in another creature,the delayed bleed will bleed the next creature the opponent bring on the battlefield .
It act before using any ability including swap in damage,it is a delayed escape ability.
To finish,a little bit more oppressive with +50 damage ,nothing crazy.

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Pro:-Earn speed control
-remove dodge

-Vulnerable to bleed
-Vulnerable to vulnerability
-vulnerable to swap prevention

Depend,for me,it loose a bit.

I can get behind this

2 swap out moves AND a no escape!
thats too much

2 swap out moves and the no escape are already present.
This is the current version of stigydaryx
And this dino is one of the worst of the uniques.

i know
still op

Its not very op it can’t deal damage and usually dies before using the lethal swoop.
Best case scenario is dealing double bleed and then dying.
Immune to decel might allow it to live a little longer.

Being Vulnerable to Deceleration is actually part of why many players like Stigydaryx. You can swap it into a decelerating move, then swoop after taking a hit, giving you a safe swap to something else.

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Can confirm. I would rather have Stygidaryx eat a DSR or Resilient Rampage then swoop out so that my next creature can come in untouched. I would however think it needs a better T1 option than swoop or strike and get counterattacked. Maybe a stunning move or a shield.

I figure Revenge Shattering Rampage and a minor stat buff would give it more versatility. Now it could play a defensive pivot or a dedicated cleanup trapper.

You guys really want to be back in 1.14 where everyone got DSR,right?
2.0 happened for a reason.