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A way to change Resilient Strike

As we currently know, Resilient strike removes speed up and evasion, decelerates, and cleanses distraction. The odd thing is that no resilient creature has Critical Chance decrease cleansing, only fierce, and a couple at that. So, what if instead of removing evasion, it cleansed Critical chance decrease? That way, it would become less powerful and have a separation to Superiority Strike.

Leave your thoughts down below!

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Interesting idea, but I don’t think its worth removing it’s effectiveness against dodge. Resilient attacks should be effective against dodge, maybe just being precise instead of removing it. The thing is, resilients don’t usually rely on crits. With a few exceptions (usually hybridized with Fierce), most only have a 5% crit chance anyway, and I believe only Argentinosaurus has a crit-increasing move. It would help them against cunning attacks, and it wouldn’t hurt to add that effect. But then if the attacks are still precise (which they should be), why make resilient attacks any stronger then they already are?


Even if you made them precise instead, there are too many resilient creatures and the problem remains. Resilient should not touch dodge effects and instead have a handful of creatures with nullify again for that job.


The thing is, dodge is a cunning specific ability. If anything counters dodge, it SHOULD be resilients. But most nullifying creatures were cunning themselves, and you don’t want a case where the only counter to a cunning is another cunning. That’s part of why Indo G2 and Procerathomimus were so necessary before: they were good, and also the only counters for themselves. And if you made resilients the creatures that got nullify, then they would be able to remove shields, damage increase, AND dodge. It might not affect all of them, but those with this ability would be strong in an entirely different way. So it is important that resilients are the ones to remove/bypass dodge, AND it is important that this nullification is dodge-specific. If you’ve read my thread “Actually Balancing Resilients”, then you know what I think the solution to this is. Besides, now that Maxima got knocked down a peg, most resilients feel balanced, and I’m seeing a lot of cunnings making their return. So honestly I don’t think resilient moves need a massive nerf.