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A way to compensate the community for 1.7 issues!

Dear Ludia staff,

I have thought of a way that you can compensate the JWA player base for all the problems we have had to put up with since its launch, and it is this: FREE Premium Incubator!

Yes I am suggestion that you give the ENTIRE player base one of your $100 incubators, and the reasons for this are as follows -

  1. Tournament fiasco with the exploiting!
  2. Boosts existing at all!
  3. Unlimited boosts exploit that only some of the player base was able to gain benefits from, namely 160 speed Thors one shooting everything!
  4. Your 1.7 darting mechanics (yes I realise you have fixed this now, thank you!)
  5. Arena match making issue that caused 90% of matches to timeout either before or during a match, lowering the number of incubators we could obtain each hour!

Ok so those are the reasons for wanting the free Premium incubator (Don’t go cheap on us Ludia, that was Hammonds mistake!)!

Now I will go into a little detail about why such an expensive incubator and not, say, a rare or even epic one!

  1. Due to the match making issues it drastically lowered the amount of matches we could play each hour, thus resulting in us earning less incubators and thus less DNA!
  2. The darting mechanic change resulted in virtually the entire player base getting anywhere up to 50% less DNA earned, PER darting session!
    E.G: The last dinosaur I darted in 1.6 was Tarbo, during this darting attempt I earned over 400 DNA, well after patch launched I darted a Tarbo (not my first attempt using new mechanics mind you) and I earned a measly 177 DNA, and I was on top of the dinosaur! Thats not even half of what I could get previously!

Now WHO should get this FREE Premium Incubator? EVERYONE! No exception! (Ok maybe not banned players) So thats VIP players, Non-VIP players, Free to Play players and even the Whales!
This is because I want it to be fair, and lets face it, we ALL suffered in some way from the fiasco that is patch 1.7!

Now you are probably thinking, why would we give out our most expensive incubator for nothing?
Well let me remind you that all of this is VIRTUAL currency/items, these don’t cost you anything to produce, and therefore are not out of pocket for doing so! And its not like that giving a SINGLE incubator ONCE is going to eat into your profits, because those who buy them all the time are going to continue buying them all the time, so this will not hurt the company in any way!

Now you are probably thinking whats in it for us? as in the company! Well for starters it will probably result in happier customers, and happy customers are less like to burn your forums to the ground with complaints.
Thats the first benefit to you, the second is that you will improve your image within the community because you will be seen as having done something nice, corrective and decent for the community!

Remember, a happy customer is a spending customer!

Thank you in advance!.

Signed, Stiffeno (Stephen)


Don’t try to solve the world problems by yourself dude. Ludia has a whole team on this and a lot more factors to take into account that you can’t even comprehend.


Oh im not suggesting they “Buy us out” with an incubator and not fix the real issues, I mean they continue fixing the issues, and yes I know they are working on it. But just a little compensation on top to tide us over while we patiently wait for the fixes!

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I highly doubt that they will give everyone what you propose just because they read your post. They’ll come up with their own solution and whatever that is, you won’t have any influence over it.


Silence changes nothing!

The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Edit: Btw what you are saying sounds like something a Ludia staff member would say!


What good does a premium incubator do? Dino levels have been rendered almost meaningless due to stat boosts.

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Any form of compensation is better then NO form of compensation!


While you were gone ludia announced a community event with a premium incubator … later scaped the premium incubator prize because it would hurt game balance.


That’s fine, arena balance is a non issue anymore since it doesn’t exist!

Edit: Also since every single player would receive one, it would balance out!
Edit 2: They could even customise the incubator so its not random, this way everyone gets the same DNA as each other, so no risk of players getting valuable DNA while other unlucky players get rubbish!

No that was the problem before… giving premium incubators to low levels harms the game experience… just like tenotorex unbalances match making.

165 speed thors are ok.


All I want is all boosts to be reverted to base stats. Hard cash returned. Boosts reinstated afterwards only through daily incubators, strike events and occasional offers in store.

Also happy to wait for 1.8 for boost kinks to be worked out before relaunch. Maybe hold off on speed boosts or only allow up to tier 5 initially.


you could give me 50 premium incubators, its not going to resolve the boost issue, unless prem incs have boosts in them now that i am not aware of ?

but nice idea


Good points, but me personally would like to see boosts remain (but yes revert all recent ones to dispose of the 180 speed Thors) and have boosts only work on Epic/Rare and common dinosaurs, that way they can be made viable!

However if they scraped the whole system I would be okay with that!

I’m not saying to scrap the system although I wouldn’t mind just to regulate it better.

Also only working on commons epics and rares wouldn’t work as then uniques and legendaries would be useless. Boosted epic hybrids and Rex would rule the arena which is poor gameplay as uniques should be the hardest dinos to make and therefore be the most versatile

Oh I don’t mean make epics and such as good as Unique, but good enough that they are usable.

Also would love to have Trex as a top tier dinosaur, she is the Mascot for the entire series and the original Big Bad lol

we are going over the same ground day in day out, lets wait and see what the brain trust at ludia do to resolve this mess, there not going to refund everyone who purchased unlimited boosts there just not simple as that,

we can all do as many polls as we like etc the only players that are happy with the current situation are those lower dino level players and the guys that were able to purchase unlimited boosts.

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Yes of course we do have to wait and see what happens, but you don’t think we are owed something?

This thread isn’t suggesting we forget about all the issues and this and that, but I do honestly believe the entire player base deserves some form of compensations, and Ludia may very well have something already in mind, but they haven’t told us anything about it, so im making a simple suggestion as one possible way to compensate or partly compensate all players!

Like if we say nothing and just keep quiet, they would be less likely to see that the community deserves something, something to mitigate the frustrating turn of events, in ADDITION to them working on the issues!

I mean how happy would you be if they just fixed the issues and gave you nothing? Sure the issues are fixed, but that doesn’t undo the past week or 2 of stress! Other games compensate when big issues arise AND fix the issues!

im happy but am ok if they refund me to lets say tier 2 or 3 which is were most players should be… premium inc? na no need, just make the complainers go away.

Some of us need the DNA lol

Edit: Level 20 and don’t have Erlidom or Tryko, I missed the St Patricks thingo!

so ask for the prem inc to benefit yourself? exploit!!!

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