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A way to compensate the community for 1.7 issues!

Me and my son crack up when we hear the dodge chickens go “Grrrrrrr” and shake their heads lol, it’s hands down THE BEST animation and sound in the game!

Giving us a premium incubator is like no compensation at all. Just gonna be filled with junk like every incubator. I’d rather have $1 than that.


Seriously if you need dna go out and farm it like everyone else does stop expecting handouts. Maybe spend more time actually playing the game than posting nonsense on the forum…Stiffeno

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Agree 100% with your suggestions. Oh wait…your just a player, sorry but your not important enough. This game went from Hero to uninstall. It’s so aggravating that they keep on just piling more poop on top of the already existing heaping pile of updates.

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Yeah all those people in hospitals that get serious complications should just get over it, as if ask for compo!

And I do go out and hunt, and it isn’t a handout! They ruined darting and our abilities to get matches and thus incubators, therefor directly lowering the DNA we could get significantly!

Edit: Sure they fixed it now, but im still out all that DNA! I was getting half the DNA I normally get with the horrible 1.7 darting! Id like that DNA back!

You guys I get where he’s coming from, chill. My battles were so bad I missed out on four days of erliko cause that dang daily incubator was all that was left. I can agree that a lot of the times the premium incubators, being random, aren’t always that great, but I’m sure we can all agree that ludia need to get their act together on all of this.

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Also when we had the Trex attempts the game went down and I wasn’t able to complete half of them, coz by the time the game came back online it was over.

Do you really honestly believe we shouldn’t get some of that DNA back?

Do you even play this game? or have you already got full maxed out level 30 team and thus don’t care.

Also this in case you still think compensation is a handout undeserved!

Noun - something, typically money, awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury.

Id say all the DNA I lost from the missed Trex encounters, and the DNA lost from not being able to fill incubator slots comes under the term “Loss”.

Ludia should listen to the great John Hammond himself…

Sadly they don’t owe us anything, except perhaps to revoke that STUPID stat boost idea by scrapping them entirely and making this game fair, fun and playable again. I don’t want an unethically overpriced ‘loot box’. I just want them to fix the problem they created which has ruined the game for 90%+ of thier playerbase.


After 2 weeks of problem, I ageee with this.

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I think the biggest compensation they need to make to their competitive player-base for every noob who’s been allowed to over-level and over boost every stat. How do people even think it’s fun to win by stat-boost cheating?!!! Weeks go on and we’ve still got this mess to dredge through everytime you need an incubator. I’ve given up trying to get Thor as it’s such a noob-o-saur that I don’t even want to be associated with it or have it on my team.

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Starting to agree!
Both with how the game have developed, and what Thor has become.

All this free Sino week after week have changed whole meta.

Just wait till we see what they wreck after tonights maintenance -_-, I almost don’t want to login coz I know its going to cause more problems then it solves, like all the other “Fixes”


I’ll pass. The only thing worth while in a premium incubator would be the coins. It’ll still most likely be trash DNA. It also won’t solve the boost issue.

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Oh I know it won’t solve the issue, but anything we can take from Ludia, given all the crap we have had to put up with since 1.7 came out Id say its owed.

As someone I heard once say about compensation - “Money doesn’t make you happy, but you sure as heck can suffer in luxury” lol

Honestly? I don’t want a damn thing from Ludia right now except them fixing their game and communicating with their player base better.

Until they actually take action to fix everything, no amount of coins, hard cash, incubators, and DNA is going to make me feel better. That’s just a bandaid to the problem.


Wasn’t suggesting a Premium incubator in place of fixes, the incubator on TOP of them fixing all the issues.

Hell even McDonalds will offer you free stuff if they stuff up too badly.

Edit: But I agree with what you say!

wouldnt solve it, some would get some nice dna, and others get 800 baryo which makes those people fall behind even further and feels like another kick in the stomach

Early in the thread I posted that the incubator contents would be the exact same for all players, no chance of some getting good DNA and other unlucky ones rubbish.

If its all the same we can ALL get rubbish haha!