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A way to compensate the community for 1.7 issues!


Oh I know it won’t solve the issue, but anything we can take from Ludia, given all the crap we have had to put up with since 1.7 came out Id say its owed.

As someone I heard once say about compensation - “Money doesn’t make you happy, but you sure as heck can suffer in luxury” lol


Honestly? I don’t want a damn thing from Ludia right now except them fixing their game and communicating with their player base better.

Until they actually take action to fix everything, no amount of coins, hard cash, incubators, and DNA is going to make me feel better. That’s just a bandaid to the problem.


Wasn’t suggesting a Premium incubator in place of fixes, the incubator on TOP of them fixing all the issues.

Hell even McDonalds will offer you free stuff if they stuff up too badly.

Edit: But I agree with what you say!


wouldnt solve it, some would get some nice dna, and others get 800 baryo which makes those people fall behind even further and feels like another kick in the stomach


Early in the thread I posted that the incubator contents would be the exact same for all players, no chance of some getting good DNA and other unlucky ones rubbish.

If its all the same we can ALL get rubbish haha!