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A way to downgrade dinos

Since we now sometimes have boost-resets would it not be a good idea to introduce LVL-downgrade aswell for those dinos that got hit with the hammer in an update. It could also work for those unfortunate miss-clicks and kid-help upgrades.

This is one way you could do it, in addition to the DNA you would get back 50-80% of your coins. You don’t get back all your DNA, but it beats zero :slight_smile:

It could be done by a RNG factor similar to multi-fuse. For example: If you want to go from lvl 22 to 21 on a dino you would get five multi-un-fuses, since it takes about five fuses to get to 100. Something like this: If the component is one rarity below the range would be 20-40 DNA for each un-fuse, two below 100-150, three 250-400, four 1000-1500.

So a five multi-un-fuse would get 100-200 Leg DNA, Epic 500-750, Rare 1250-2000, Common 5000-7500 depending.