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A Way to Encourage Donations in Alliances


Here is another way to give reason to donate besides the coins. Since the point of alliances right now is to request and get needed DNA to build good dino’s but I find it hard to donate DNA I plan on using.

Add a DNA reward for any dino on our request list for donating DNA. So say I need tons and tons of raptor DNA. So I would select the raptor off my list as rewarded DNA for donating. So with the raptor as my reward, every time I hit the donate to another member, I get 5 raptor DNA. So if I fulfill the 5 donations to one person, I would get 25 raptor DNA.

Lets say I need Kaprosuchus DNA which is a rare. I would select Kaprasuchus as my reward. I would get 1 DNA for every time I hit the donate button for rare dino’s.

The point is that this would encourage donating activity and get me to give up more good DNA to get some even more wanted DNA. Not only would requests get more DNA, but there would be more requests and more trade happening all around.

The down side of this would be some alliance leaders will be watching for inactive members and kicking them to add active people so there are more people to request and donate to help each other… or themselves personally but, hey, that is human nature.


Like the idea :ok_hand:


Actually that’s not a bad idea. But I wonder if it’s really that important for Ludia to change when they should have other priorities.

But, do you really donate DNA that you need? You shouldn’t.

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Very good idea


This “donation” idea will only make the top teams become unformidable.
They have so much extra DNA and within their same “alliance”, their dinos will be all lvl 30 soon.
Is not a good idea to me, for low level players, they need what the middle level players need.
So all in all, i guess it just benefit most to the top players.


Donations is one of the dumbest thing about the game.

Everyone looking for same stuff, no one want to give away anything in fear they will need it later.

I would LOVE to trade my 50.000 raptor. Next week even more. But Hey?!
Never get anything I NEED.

Every game I played last 10 years have function of real TRADING OR SELLING. This path Developers made is something in between, and it’s usless.

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Dude, your alliance must suck! Or you ask for non-viable stuff too much…

A lot of us have leveled up many dinos thanks to donations.

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at least it’s something, maybe not the best feature but it’s help a lot of players, me for example the alliance where i’m right now help me so much to get dracorex dna, because where i’m living they are very very rare to get, and so with many other dinos.

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I’m agree with arnold, an alliance works fine where the user lvls tens to be similiar, if you are expecting that an user let’s say it’s very new in the game, few weeks or months playing won’t help much than a user that initiate with the game, and at the begining if your alliance it has a low average of lvl you can’t spect so much either

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We have to be smart about it. In my alliance we had someone complaining he didn’t get any Nodosaurus DNA he had requested. Really? Nodo? A dino needed for three different legendaries? Who would have thought people might not be able to donate its DNA…

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I’ve got ZERO tarbosaurus, and I asked 2 times.


Yeah, your Alliance sucks :sweat_smile:

I always give everything I can of Tarbo, have 25k to spare.


Hmmm reaaly nice idea.