A way to fix duty chests

Here is my latest suggestion. Go back to how duty chests were 2 updates ago when you could get resources other than energy. This time make the resources based on your repeatable quest level so that they dont lag the energy quests as much as they did previously.

Then make hatch/level 10 again

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The development team is still working to undo the damage caused by Update 1.6 and you want them to go back two updates ago?

I would be careful what you ask for because they will make things far worse.

At this point, I have lost confidence in the development team. They can’t even adjust “Level Up 15 Dragons” to some reasonable amount.


That is why i’m offering alternatives. Before two updates ago, with the previous system,. We weren’t happy with the duty rewards, but we were happier than now. I think this compromise could be debest of both worlds.

Keep the 8hr time limit if they want t to limit us to 3 chests. We wont have crazy energy like we did with the previous change (again, playtest that).

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