A way to fix the pass

Right now a lot of players are cancelling their vip to show. To Jam city that the pass is broken.I can agree but I am still paying for it.One Idea I have in mind is that the premium pass costs 2500 bucks but if you’re VIP its free.You can earn 1250 bucks each season so FTP players can get the pass every other season.The grand premium pass now costs $20 instead of 40.feel free to disagree




I’m sorry,could u repeat that?

The way to fix the pass is to remove the ‘premium’ versions entirely and make it purely about the grind. Which is how it should have been in the first place.


They know what they’re doing. It’s purposely set high because of greed. They’ll never take player feedback.

Common global commercial law applicable in all civilised countries including Canada: You do NOT have to pay for something that’s broken at delivery.

If the seller forces you to pay anyway they’re undisputedly in violation of the law.

Or have the premium version as a part of VIP to make VIP worth it.


For me, if you are going to have something that ostensibly rewards the successful completion of in game tasks there should be only one reward track, no HC to level up rubbish, and purely the task completion mattering (though in its current form its unfit for even this purpose due to the nature of some such tasks).