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A way to have Code-19 (not to be mistaken with Covid-19) in JWA too?

I think we could have dinos breaking out from the sanctuaries you place them in. Anyone sharing that sanctuary or in your alliance can get it back.
To fight it, we could maybe fight 3 of that creature with the same level and boosts as the actual creature. If you beat it, you win some number of that creature’s DNA
A Code-19 could last for 15 minutes. To avoid conflict between alliance members, during those 15 minutes everyone could fight it instead of just one person. If nobody fights, then the Code-19 will continue until someone does it and it will return to the sanctuary. Also, Code-19’s should not occur when no player sharing that sanctuary or in that alliance is online. If someone is online and he/she leaves without doing the Code-19, if nobody else is online, then the Code-19 ends, and the creature is returned to the sanctuary.


  • Common: 100x creature level
  • Rare: 40x creature level
  • Epic: 10x creature level

So what do you think? Should this be implemented in the game?

  • Yes, it should be added to the game
  • Yes, it should be added to the game, but with some refinements
  • It doesn’t matter to me if it gets added to the game
  • No it must not get added to the game

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Write down your thoughts and suggestions below!

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I have voted “it doesn’t matter”. It’s a nice idea but with everything that is being added to the game aside from hunting, that the game is getting too busy to add anything else like this.

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Hmm, that makes sense. I can understand that for some players who have busy schedules may not have the time to do the Code-19’s.

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I just wanted to come in and ask if anyone else thought you were looking for a way to bring COVID-19 into Jurassic World Alive. I really misread that and was wondering why you wanted a second mass extinction.


I hadn’t but now you’ve said it I can’t unsee it. :laughing:


Hmm, I will edit the title to avoid confusion

There we go! I don’t think they will be confused now

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I will never turn down expansions to the game. Anything that adds may take people into a different mindset into how they play and that can only be a good thing. Nothing kills a game like high level veterans who feel like they have nothing left to do and become negative and jaded. Or don’t interact with and help and make welcome newer players. So the more we can do together the better for us as a whole. Alliances only offer so much. I wish we had a secondary grouping method for an entirely new mode.

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If code-19 is come
I not want it like JWTG one battle one code-19 :rofl:

I think it should be that one of your creatures breaks out and yoy have to dary it in order to get it back in. If you fial to dart it it goes back in your collection

but doesn’t darting just get you DNA? I thought we would battle three of that same creature that escaped. Also if it escaped from the sanctuaries then it gives everybody sharing the sanctuary and part of your alliance gets more DNA.

Can anyone confirm if apex’s can be placed in the sanctuaries? They’re non-hybrids right?

Don’t think so. While they don’t require components like proper hybrids I think they’ll be classed as one for the sanctuaries.

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thanks. It would have been great if we could have put them in the sanctuary though